New Year Resolutions are effective to making real change

“ ‘I want to start journaling,’ ‘I want to eat better,’ ‘I want to be more productive.’ ” With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it is only natural to contemplate the events of the past year- both good and bad. People naturally want to improve for the better, especially when going into a new year.

A new year is an opportunity to become the person you aspire to be. It gives you the opportunity for self-improvement. New Year Resolutions are a reason for you to finally do the tasks you’ve been putting off. The beginning of the new year is the perfect chance to implement new habits. The start of the new year can be the time when you decide to start meal prepping, drink more water or cut back on phone time.

Considering the basis of a resolution is to set a goal for yourself, most of the behaviors that are being changed are unhealthy. So setting a goal for the year can help instigate a positive change in your day-to-day life. Once you adapt to the new habit, it will become part of routine, then eventually part of your daily life. Those who stick with their resolutions will almost always reap the benefits and live a life they can feel proud of.

Sticking to one’s resolutions can also teach perseverance and discipline. By stating that you want a change in your life, and actively working towards it every day- even when it’s hard; you can learn determination and worth of hard work.

Having the initiative to recognize an unhealthy habit, and take action to change it is the first step in the right direction.

More often than not, resolutions are going to be difficult. Deciding to make a completely new adaptation to your life is inevitably going to require effort. But, if one is genuinely motivated to make a change, New Year’s Resolutions can be the ideal way to create a new, healthy lifestyle.

For some people, the structure of having a New Years Resolution may be the only way they can make a productive and effective change towards their bad habits. The structure and societal participation of New Year’s Resolutions can help to ensure the goal is met.

Starting the New Year with the determination to break the past year’s bad habits may be the only way some people take the chance to recognize their faults. The tradition of resolutions can provide just enough pressure to feel as though one needs to work to fix unhealthy patterns and stick with the changes.

However, it is understandable that some resolutions may be destined to fail. If the expectations are too high and the change too drastic, people will go back to what is familiar, leaving the resolution forgotten. But when choosing how to change for the next year, one should be understanding with themselves and their limits. Resolutions should never be unhealthy either, as they will not be effective in actually benefiting your life, but doing more harm.

When done properly and healthily, setting New Year’s Resolutions can provide the opportunity to allow for the best year possible to result. By setting and sticking to a declaration of change, you can start the New Year with the best version you can be.