Students and teachers address Google Meets

Aliya Hawkins working on her online school work and not being very happy about it.

Created by Sophia Hawkins

Aliya Hawkins working on her online school work and not being very happy about it.

Online learning and the Google meets process is affecting students and teachers equally as much.

Frustrations of google meets

Lately students and teachers have had a different way of learning and teaching. Students have been very frustrated with how learning on google meets, and how boring or distracted they get. Lauren Katz says “I think a lot of people get frustrated because they are used to working in a school environment and working at home is a huge change,” . Students don’t get to be where they usually are used to, to learn they have to deal with being at home. Home is usually the place students go to relax after a day at school, hang out with their families, and hang out with their friends over the weekend. Now they have to try and learn in the same place where they usually do all the fun stuff.  

Getting up in the morning for a google meet 

Not only is it harder to learn at home, but no one wants to get up and do their google meets in the morning. Everyone has their usual routine in order to stay motivated throughout the day because without it everything is thrown off. Justin Mccloggan ,a student from social media, says “like no one wants to wake up early for these google meets cause no one really feels the incentive to do them like when getting ready for school you have to  actually get on the bus, in the car, walk or whatever but waking up to have to get on the computer is just boring,”. Students prefer to wake up and get ready for the day and show off their cute outfits, but now they don’t feel motivation to do so. 

Connecting with the students and teachers

Teachers and students usually don’t see eye to eye with grades and learning, for obvious reasons, but with what is going on right now they kinda agree with some things. Both teachers and students don’t think they connect as much as they would with in person learning. Tia Simon says “I am not able to talk to them as much as I would in person and asking questions,” for students asking questions is such a big part of tryin to understand the material. As in a teachers point of view it is slightly different. Mrs. Cambra says “Getting to know the students’ personalities is what I like to see, but it is harder no because they have to have their mics off,”.  For a teacher getting to know the class as a whole and a student individually is very important. A teacher has to know their class in order to help them succeed. 

Elective teachers trying to teach over google meets

As an elective teacher it is a lot harder to teach because it is different than teaching with a regular class. Mr. Scott says “It is harder to use free software than the ones given at school.” Trying to use different software or trying to find free software for all students to be able to use and figure out. This creates frustrations for the teachers that especially need to use the different kinds of software. 

Students and teachers seem ready to go back to school and leave Google meets behind in the first quarter.