The name of the new C-building can be confusing for students, teachers

There are nine buildings on campus with now two extensions. The two newest additions being the “New F-building” which holds CTE classrooms and currently under construction the “New C-building.” which will hold Language, English, and other classrooms. Being a junior I personally have never known anything but the CTE building being specifically called the “new F-building” . Although it was never necessarily “new” to me as coming to Perry freshman year it was just another building. The debate still arises on what the current building under construction will named.

It would make perfect sense to name it the “G building” being the next available letter in the alphabet. Except that the cafeteria is technically already the “G building”. I believe that to match the title of the “New f-building” it would make the most sense to students for it to be the “New C-building”.  The building is basically an extension to the already known C-building. Why would students call it anything else.

If you walk through the hall and ask any student “What is the name of the building being constructed.” I guarantee they will respond with “The new c-building”.

I have heard many teachers raise concern on it be confusing that we have an “F- building, New F-building, C-building, and then now a New C-building” They state that “Its confusing that we have extensions, and would be simpler to just add new letters” I can understand that from an outside perspective how that would make sense, but for students it’s become apart of our culture. The word “New” has become embedded in the name of the building. Kind of relating to how the game “New super mario bros” of course over the years the is no longer relatively “new” but that doesn’t change the overall name of the game. Just as the new F-building has been around for four years but for students will always be the “New F-building”.

The same will be relevant to the newest extension. Incoming students of many years will hopefully keep up tradition of embedding the word “New” to our latest additions no matter how long they have stood tall. Although the name of the building itself is pretty unimportant; students and travelling teachers are anticipating the official arrival of the building to assist everyone in the next upcoming years of our expanding school.