OPINION: Hollywood shows its true colors


Recently Netflix and Hollywood produce movies and television shows about murders like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, how they lived and what went wrong in their life and how they got into killing animals and people. Understanding people want to know the real story about the killers because it seems interesting, but could glorifying these rotten people spark something in someone’s head?

Most movies in Hollywood are made to be over exaggerated, even if it’s based on a true story. They tend to over romanticized movies that are categorized as horror/thrillers. Even back then, horror movies have some sort of romance in them when it’s supposed to be scary. Having someone like Zac Efron, who was every little girl’s dream back then, play the part of Ted Bundy and over-romanticizing the movie could spark something in someone’s brain.

Serial killers only want one thing and it’s what they all have in common. Fame. They want people to talk about how awful they are because they get a kick out of it. Talking about these killers and making shows and movies about them, is everything they could have dreamed for, no matter how long ago it was. They want everyone to know who they are. By creating shows and movies people are giving these monsters names and stories that we should not glorify. So why should we praising and talk about them when they have done disturbing things.

Last valentine’s day, Stoneman Douglas High School had a school shooter and he wanted to be known. He made YouTube videos saying how the wanted fame, to have a legacy for doing something that no one can ever forget about. That was his main goal. They all get a kick out of it when they are finally caught because they know right then and there, they just got all eyes on them from everyone around the world and that was their plan all along.

There are some people in this world who look up to these murders as a God, they worship them. Think about for example Charles Manson, he had a cult for him that he created but when he was thrown into jail the cult would still continuously worship him nonstop. There are just some people out there who are not on the right path, just like people who make a post on social media about how they have a fantasy with a certain killer and act if they were heroes. We do something similar, were we get obsessed about the movies and T.V. shows but that’s what the killers wanted. We should not give them what they want.

Not everyone who reads up on serial killers and watches movies are going to get all crazy and worship them, but people who do like the monsters and look up to them can learn how they killed others and how they got away with it. T.V. shows give views ideas on how to do awful things and like the average person would not do anything like that, there always could or will be a person that does try something risky.