A single’s guide to Valentine’s Day


We all know the struggle.

February 1st hits, and all of a sudden girls and guys alike get hearts in their eyes. The halls become crowded with cuddly couples who swear they are going to be together forever.

Then comes the 14th and all hell breaks loose.

For those of you who don’t have a special someone to celebrate with this year, here’s fourteen tips to make Valentine’s Day a little more bearable:


#1: Get your mom a card or buy her some flowers. The woman birthed you, she deserves some love and appreciation.

#2: Go out to dinner with your other single friends. They sympathize with your struggle and it will be a fun time without the stress of third wheeling.

#3: Put together a lonely girl/guy playlist. It does not have to be sad, just make it something you can sing badly to in the car.

Bonus suggestions: Adele, Lany, Ed Sheeran, Marina and the Diamonds, and Sam Smith.

#4: Stay off social media. Whatever you do, do not log on. You will just be bombarded with cute couples’ pictures and it’ll probably cause more lonely feelings. Not worth it.

#5: I have two words for you: discount candy. Take a trip over to CVS.  

#6: While you are at CVS buying candy, also invest in some rubber latex gloves. Blow one up and tie it off like a balloon for an instant hand to hold.

#7: Watch some rom-coms. It’s totally appropriate to cry, just make sure when you stock up on candy you stock up on kleenex as well.  

Bonus suggestions: When Harry Met Sally, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Ten Things I Hate About You, Clueless, Love Actually, Pretty in Pink, Thirteen Going on Thirty, and Mama Mia.

#8: Cook a meal. You can find some great dinner-for-one recipes on Pinterest.

#9: Get some face masks or make your own. You can do this as well gentlemen!

Bonus ingredients to mix in: avocado, honey, steel cut oats, coconut milk, turmeric, castor oil, aloe vera, lemon juice, coffee grounds, and berries, which are high in antioxidants.

#10: Go try something new alone. I know, this sounds slightly depressing and pathetic, but you might uncover a skill you never knew you had. Try ice skating or take a painting class.

#11: Be weird. Sing some karaoke and dance around. You don’t need a man (or a girl)!

#12: Focus on something you have been trying to accomplish. Try to work on dome of those New Year’s resolutions.

#13: Appreciate those around you. When you go to CVS to buy your supplies, be sure to thank the employee that helps you, assist the short lady in reaching something off the top shelf, and telling your cashier to have a nice day. Spreading the love will fill you up with love, cheesy as that idea is.

#14: If you are really unbearably lonely, ask out that girl or guy you think is cute. Comment on their picture, get their number, or start a conversation. Just go for it, guys and girls alike.

And there you have it. Fourteen tips to survive February 14th this year for all you single high school students out there.