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Boos & Hoorays: What the heck happened in 2017?


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Hooray! Our sports teams are having a great year. Badminton swept the state championship titles, and student-athletes across volleyball, swim, football, and badminton are accumulating awards.

Boo! WODs are dead and subject-based writing assignments have taken their place. Congrats administration, you have somehow turned senior year into a sham for everyone who thought they would get out of WODs with a high AZMerit score.

Hooray! Having spirit busses for the state football game was a fantastic idea on behalf of the administration. The busses allowed for students who are not licensed or simply could not drive themselves get to the game in a fun and safe manner. It also allowed for a larger crowd to come and support the team.

Boo! There’s only utensils in the salad bar now. We have to go to the counter to ask for condiments now. And they don’t even have mustard.

Hooray! Hot, cramped, and gowned, graduates walk to stage each year on the home football field. Unfortunately, capacity has been exceeded for quite a number of years. Graduation at ASU should alleviate parking, seating, and heat issues making it a more friendly experience for graduates and supportive family members alike.

Boo! Jostens is very expensive. Why do they have this crazy monopoly on all our school’s gear? Students who can’t afford the only available caps and gowns, yearbooks, or school pictures are left without.

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Boos & Hoorays: What the heck happened in 2017?