Lifestyle Brand MSFTSRep Looking to Make Their Presence Felt

In just under two years lifestyle brand MSFTSRep has begun an upward rise to acclaim.

Although many can be attributed for the recent success of the brand-Willow Smith, Mateo and Moises Arias, Daniel D’Artiste- the undoubtable face of MSFTSRep is none other than recent Fashion Icon Award winner, Jaden Smith. Therefore, it is no surprise that the clothing line takes on a more urban, idealistic approach than most.

With shirts labeled “,war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength,” ”,They Left Us,” “,Blow Up Your TV,” or one of the more recent additions to the collections, the “non-violent direct action program,” the brand is clearly promoting a political view, and in a way that instantly grabs the attention of the youth.

However, political propaganda is not nearly all the MSFTs have to offer. With apparel ranging from hand stitched jeans and leather jackets to dad hats and graphic tees, the collection has a little bit for everyone; and as a lifestyle brand, a music collective, a photo gallery, and even a learning curriculum MSFTSRep is sure to incorporate all that they can into their clothing line.

New releases such as hoodies labeled “SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion” and hats marked “She killed him” are marketing for Jaden’s much anticipated album, Syre. The ability for this collective to push out material that both promotes their clothing and their music is essential for their recent growth, and only creates more ideas for upcoming apparel.

Other items with ripped up scrapbook graphics of two lovers from the MSFTS art gallery, and phrases such as “,were in love and the world is ending,” make sure to invoke raw teenage emotions and grip an audience that is not afraid of self-expression; and as teenagers themselves, the heads of MSFTSRep know all the moves needed to captivate their consumers.

However, you can’t fully tap into the true success of the clothing line until you understand the meaning behind it. Whether it be MSFT meet-ups where fans can come and hang out with both the celebrities and their peers, Jaden’s efforts with JUST Water that landed him a spot at the Environmental Media Awards, or the endless introspective quotes about personal growth and knowledge, it is clear that MSFTSRep is looking to leave their mark on the world, one community at a time. As such, it is no wonder that the more than dedicated fan base and part time MSFTS alike are flocking to each new release and supporting the movement. For My Republic I Stand, MSFTS Over All.