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Passing period traffic caused by overcrowding

It is a lot easier to walk outside than inside because there is more space out than in.

It is a lot easier to walk outside than inside because there is more space out than in.

Ryan Leighter

Ryan Leighter

It is a lot easier to walk outside than inside because there is more space out than in.


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There are way too many kids here at Perry and because of this, the hallways are very crowded. In order to see how the overcrowding of schools is affecting Perry, pretend the hallways of Perry are general freeways. Imagine it being rush hour traffic. People are driving on both sides of the street.

Suddenly, a car stops in the middle of the freeway. Then another car stops too and the drivers start chatting. Those drivers have caused many collisions and other drivers have to swerve to avoid hitting them. The whole freeway is now a mess.

Another example includes the stairs, which are on-ramps and off-ramps. Why do people find it appropriate to stop right at the bottom of the stairs and have a complete conversation with someone? Right. Where. People. Are. Walking.

If a driver entering the freeway via the on-ramp, they do not stop at the gore-zone where they are supposed to merge with the oncoming traffic of the freeway, so students should not stop at the bottom or top of the stairs to chat.

Drivers do not stop driving in the middle of the road to have a conversation with other motorists. so students should not stop right in the middle of the hallways to chat with people. These actions cause an obstruction to “traffic” and create a mile-long backup, delaying dozens of others from reaching their destinations before the bell rings.

Injuries occur on the road because a driver is texting while driving; the same phenomenon applies for walking. Students’ eyes are not focused on the road or walkway in front of them, so they are not aware of what is going on around them. Not to mention, when they are not focused on walking (or driving) they are going slower than the rest of the “traffic.”

This is all because they could not wait to talk to their friend, who is complaining about how long it takes to get to class, or another friend, who is about to explode over how awesome it is that Perry football is doing amazing this year.

However, if our school was not as crowded as it is now, we would not have this problem on such a large scale. The hallways would be less crowded and would be easier to navigate. By having a less crowded school, people may actually be able to get to class on time and in one piece. Our school is overcrowded. We have met our physical capacity. The least we can do to relieve the problem would be to walk appropriately in the halls.

By going slow, they are holding up the people behind them who are trying to get to class on-time. The rules of the road need to be applied to the Perry halls. Stay to the right, whether it be on the stairs or in the halls. Do not text and walk. Just keep walking and no one gets hurt. It should not matter if you drive or you do not drive. The concept is still the same. Just walk.

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Passing period traffic caused by overcrowding