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Beneath the “phat” clouds

Vaping is becoming a national phenomenon as it claims it is “healthier” than cigarettes; in some cases this may be true, but inhaling an unknown substance cannot be as beneficial as it may seem, right? What hides under the “phat” clouds of vape, lies more than blue raspberry and green apple.

The harsh ingredients that many users are unaware of contain chemicals such as Benzene, Isoprene, Formaldehyde, Diethylene Glycol, Nicotine, N-Nitrosonornicotine, along with 36 other chemicals that are even harder to pronounce.

Some may argue that vape juice does not contain nicotine, although this statement is true, some vape juices can contain up to 36mg. Without trying to make this passage dark and depressing by talking about death, it still is a player in the game.

Nicotine can become deadly with intake levels anywhere from 30mg – 60mg. With the newly popular Juuls making an appearance in the hands of many teens nicotine intake rates are skyrocketing.

A pack of cigarettes is equivalent to 200 puffs from a Juul, which is equivalent to one pod so in all honesty, what makes juuling different from smoking a cigarette?

Not to mention, that Juuls contain 5% nicotine regardless of flavor of choice. Exhaling tasty flavors may mask the overpowering smell of a cigarettes, but it does not mean vaping and juuling is the better option.

For smokers who are trying to quit the addicting edge of cigarettes, vaping seems to be the better choice.

However, the people who just hit the juul or puff the vape for the fun of it are at risk for health complications they are not aware of.

These issues result in more detrimental effects, such as “popcorn lung” which consists of the development of tiny holes on the wall of the lungs.

Vaping is a fairly new alternative to cigarettes, which means there are unknown boundaries of how it can harm the human body.

Although there have been no reports of popcorn lung affecting a vaper, studies displayed the disease to be a factor in a vapers life due to the chemicals used in the juice. So next time you grab your vape mod or juul, ask yourself, is it really worth the risk?

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