Marijuana on ballot should not cause double take


Isabelle Martinez

Marijuana can be for more than recreation

This upcoming voting season, voters may be raising eyebrows at the fact that the word “Marijuana” will be penned on their ballots.

With the idea of marijuana comes a negative connotation and many concerns. Marijuana is classified as a drug due to its mind-altering abilities including affecting one’s concept of time, hunger, and memory. Although it has some dangerous side-effects, many are looking past the secret health benefits and positive aspects of legalization.

Sources upon sources such as, and more continue to state that advantages of legalization can be presented.

There are advantages from reducing crime and street violence to improving a person’s overall well-being and decreasing symptoms of a variety of diseases. Additionally, the drug is vegan, meaning that it comes straight from the Earth and does not contain any animal products.

For vegans, the simple fact that the drug is vegan may be enough to win over their support. However, for those who need more proof of marijuana’s “magical powers” to believe it, there are many more positives.

More health benefits of smoking the green include boosting one’s metabolism, reducing anxiety, slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, preventing cancer from spreading, etc.

Before mindlessly checking the “no” box for Proposition 205, voters should really consider the good that it can do for humanity and well-being.

With all of the stress that people cope with in everyday life, marijuana could help to reduce their exhausting pain and anxiety. Taking some time out of the day to calm down and truly relax is part of the sensation experienced by the drug.

By voting against marijuana legalization on Proposition 205, voters may just be robbing themselves of the opportunity for self-help, healing, and relaxation.

There are many myths, however, regarding what life will be like after legalization.

Although the drug may be legalized, the state does not become a giant “free-for-all”, which is the common scene imagined of life after legal marijuana. Rules and laws remain for the purchasing and growing abilities of citizens, causing the drug laws to be similar to those in the tobacco and alcohol market.

Sure, endlessly utilizing the drug for each bit of anxiety in one’s life can lead to a downhill trend, if it used in moderation, its benefits could create an upward trend throughout the state.