Student section crosses a line into disrespect


Mug shot of staff reporter Emma Kline.

Emma Kline, Staff Reporter

Student sections at sporting events are notorious for being rowdy, to say the least. Obnoxious fans, degrading comments and the occasional act of violence are to be expected at sporting events. The question is, when does this get out of hand?

Our PHS student section is becoming uncontrollable with the derogatory comments towards referees, the other team, and even our own security guards.

During the Perry versus Mesquite game, not only was there a streaker and water bottles being thrown, but insulting and disrespectful words being chanted about the other team and their players.

Varsity quarterback, Brock Purdy believes the spirit shown by the student section has big effect on the team down on the field.

“The energy of the student section has a big impact on the energy of the players down on the field,” Purdy Remarked. When there is a negative vibe coming from the student section, it impacts our team and the players in a big way.

There is a difference between school spirit and disrespect. There needs to be a way to express pride in your school without being unsportsmanlike. This behavior has had a negative impact on not only the energy of the games, but PHS students as well.“In game two (varsity football) we escorted about ten kids out for throwing water bottles. Someone got a black eye at the first game from water bottles being thrown,” principal Dan Serrano informed.

This kind of behavior is destructive to the atmosphere and reputation of our school and student sections at all PHS sporting events.

As for future games, more precautions will be taken in order to improve the environment and energy around the student section. “You’ll see more security guards up in the stands with their eyes on the kids,” Serrano predicts. The disrespect and contempt shown by our student sections is a disgrace to PHS leaving us with negative impressions in the eyes of all of our opponents and sports fans.