Perry needs FFA

Future Farmers of America is a huge program across America that educates the next generation about agriculture and what it takes to feed the growing population. Agriculture is a major part of human life across the globe. It’s more than planting and harvesting: it’s a science, a business, an art.

Some classes that offered through the FFA program are: Floriculture (which is the basic study of botany and floral design), Animal Life, Agriculture Engineering, and more. These classes give you either a CTE credit or an elective credit. For those that love science or one particular part of Biology and wish to explore more in that subject; these classes would be great for them.  If Perry were to add the FFA program to the school students would have a chance to explore the world of science in a different light and have even more options to earn their needed credits. But why does Perry not already have this program that would broaden Perrys students education in science?

According to Principal Dan Serrano, “When we opened in 2007 the thought at that time was that we didn’t have the room. The focus as the school grows is with Stem.”

Though Stem is beneficial and has its purpose FFA offers something different, something more. When asked, “if In the future will it ever be an option to add on the FFA program on to the school” Serrano said. “Never say never, if there was a push for it and financially we could do it and find an adequate place for it on campus it may be possible. Im sure there is a population of students that it would help.”

Not only does FFA offer classes that educate students it also presents an opportunity to go to competitions to test their skills, have many leadership opportunities and like 4-H, raise farm animals at the school if their is room and proper funding.

As students we are taught that education is important and when there is something we love and want to study we are told to go for it. But what if someones love is agriculture? Why are they not able to study something that interests them? If there is anything that broadens a students education isn’t worth fighting for? With the new CTE building maybe it could be possible to add a few Agriscience classes. Even if it’s just a few it’s better than nothing at all.