Fall testing too early


Perry High School juniors brace themselves for the plethora of college admission essays, scholarship applications, and standardized tests and preparation; Not to mention students still need to balance their schoolwork, social life, and getting enough sleep. Perry offered the practice SAT in August and is proctoring the ACT in mid-September as well as the PSAT in October.

Students are scrambling to prepare for such early test dates. Unlike sophomores who have until the spring to prepare for their standardized tests, many juniors have a measly few months.

Junior year is arguably the most rigorous high school year. Many students take on their first Advanced Placement classes their junior year, which only multiplies the amounts of stress placed on the teens.

Getting an acceptance letter to the college of your dreams is the best feeling in the world, but is it worth pulling out your hair? Is it worth staying up every school until midnight trying to balance test prep and the large amounts of school work?

Some advice may be to schedule such daunting tests during school breaks or during a time where homework flow and stress levels are to a minimum to ensure maximum satisfaction with test scores.

Many online websites or seminars from college boards offer helpful advice as well, such as: do not take important tests like the SAT or ACT while other major testing is going on (finals, AP exams, or unit exams), make sure to eat and good breakfast the day of testing, and of course, get enough sleep the night of the exam.