Wattpad-Online Writing Community

Wattpad-Online Writing Community

With the new surge of teenage writers, many outlets are being presented to fit their needs. Many young authors have turned to blogging, or using social media sites to post their stories like WordPress, Tumblr, and other blog-like entities.

However, one outlet I have found, is just for teen writers to express themselves with the written word. Wattpad is an online community for readers, writers, poets, and anyone with a passion for language arts.

Wattpad has categories for not only writers but readers as well. It’s a great way to read fellow young authors works, come up with your own creative tale, and bond between a love of reading and writing.

Wattpad can be accessed through the internet (wattpad.com) or even the easy go-to app (Wattpad). The app is available for iPhones and Androids alike.

Along with the freedom of writing, Wattpad also gives out awards for phenomenal stories. Works in any category have a chance to win a Watty-Award. Some even go on to publishing on Amazon.

To access Wattpad as a reader, all you have to do is go on to the website or download the app,but if you want to publish onto the website you must create an account. Also, as a member, you can save stories you like, are interested in, and read stories recommended  to you by other readers.

Common categories include, teen fiction, humor, romance, vampire (an entire section of stories dedicated to vampires), werewolf (an entire section dedicated to werewolf’s), poetry, paranormal, non-teen fiction, and action, adventure, and many more.

Along with made up stories, many authors decided to write true stories, or poetry or even short, one page stories. Wattpad is an outlet for creative inventions and twisting the written
word into a coherent tale of events.