Long distance relationships should not be considered


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During high school, some students are keen on wearing their hearts on their sleeves and dabble in a couple relationships here and there. But what happens when you find the one? As the end of the school year approaches, so does the dreaded moment every teenager attempts to avoid: the talk.

No, no, not that talk. The talk with your love about what is going to happen when the glory days of high school come to a close. Will you go to college together? Will he/she wait for you another year? Or do you part your separate ways and hope for the best with a long distance relationship? Although it may seem like a commendable idea, while it can be suitable to each of your needs, it’s not the most advantageous path to take.

Long distance relationships only complicate the dynamics of a successful relationship. First and foremost, the hardest facet of a long distance relationship is right in the title: the distance. When couples are apart from each other for a lengthy period of time, things are bound to head south. It’s a slippery slope of communication breakdown, lack of effort to set up times to unite, different goals, and of course, meeting new people which surfaces the issue of distrust and cheating.

In this day and age, it’s simple to keep in touch with someone in different area codes let alone across the nation or even the world with texting, emails, IM, Skype, or even the seemingly ancient phone calls. Although it is preferred than not being able to see your significant other, it is not a truly fulfilling interaction. After a while, the butterflies you get before a routine call start to fade away.
Teens routed to attend college are looking forward to mainly two things: extending their education and immersing themselves among new people. Teenagers want to meet other people during their experimental years on a collegiate campus and being tethered to someone in another state or country can be a burden. Soon the effort invested into the relationship dwindles and goals as individuals morph into something that doesn’t include the other.

Long distance relationships are emotionally taxing and can take a toll on…the four of you (just let that sink in). If a couple is completely and doubtlessly in love, going separate ways should not be an option.

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