Healthy Competition: HOSA Going to State


Provided by Allyson Romero

HOSA competitors line up outside the building they just competed in. Each member is holding the award they earned.

Health is a competition, and Perry students are competing. Members of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) recently competed in a regional competition, with many members qualifying to attend a state competition. But how does HOSA compete?

HOSA has a multitude of categories that students can compete in. From oral presentations, to skill based competitions, to test taking, the students have a variety of options. To qualify for regional competitions, each student must complete and pass online tests. If they score high enough on the test in their category, they go to regional competition and present their individual skill sets against opposing students from the four regions of Arizona. After regional competition is complete, those students who have gone above and beyond continue to state, and with hard work and a little luck, will then go on to nationals.

Junior Kaidyn Beeman competed and qualified for state in a partnership competition in which the partners would teach a class. Beeman said that as she goes to state she is “looking to win, and hopefully go to internationals.” National competition is a goal hoped for by many members and has been achieved before. 

Allyson Romero, the teacher backing HOSA at Perry, has seen students go to nationals before. With the number of students competing nearly tripling from last year Romero hopes to see students go to nationals. She said, “I really want them to. It’s cool to see them really excited.” If students were to make it to nationals, which is held in Dallas Texas, they would be up against some stiff competition. Not only would they be competing against the top of every state, but they would be competing against top students from places like Puerto Rico, China, South Korea, and Canada. With such diverse competition, students in HOSA have to put their all into their individual projects to go so far.

Senior Ella Hanks is one of those who has been putting her all into her projects. She began by competing in Healthy Lifestyle at regionals, and after qualifying for both Healthy Lifestyle and Sports Medicine at regionals, she chose to compete in Sports Med in the upcoming state competition. Hanks said, “I passed the test, and I am doing a practical exam.” This practical exam is a test on Hanks’ ability to wrap hurt appendages, like ankles and wrists, while interacting with the athlete who is hurt. Hanks, with help from Romero, has been working to improve her Sports Med performance. With this being Hank’s final year to compete, her work matters now more than ever. After qualifying for nationals with her team in an anatomy competition her junior year and not being able to attend, she hopes to finally see the nationals stage as she competes for the last time. 

This year HOSA is bringing their all and with 22 students competing, their chances of going to nationals are on the rise. As students like Hank and Beeman put their all into their projects, and with backing from strong teachers like Romero, nationals is closer than ever.