AP returns to in-person testing


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Having most of the school year being digital or online makes the idea of another online AP test not so outlandish. The tests taken last year were online and taken at home. The use of lockdown browsers allowed students to take the test. 

Last year, teachers tried to push practice for the test in the last semester of the 2019-2020 school year. However, with the pandemic rushing in rapidly, teachers and school districts were forced to put their minds elsewhere and attempt to get learning back on track. 

The major difference in the test being online as opposed to in-person is the length of the actual test. Usually lasting three hours for each test, the time limit was cut down to 45 minutes a test. 

Senior Ethan James has been in AP classes all of his high school years. 

“One 3 hour test is mentally draining so doing the other tests are harder but the 45 min test kept my mind fresh,” said James.

When you sign up for an AP class there is the option to take the AP test or not. Deciding that is one of the most important parts of the class. Along with that, the AP test is the beneficial part for taking the advanced class. 

The average AP test consists of multiple-choice questions; however, apart from the normal test, language classes have a speaking aspect. Last year, students took the test at home and were able to speak into the microphone without issue. That is not the case for this year’s test-takers. 

Spanish teacher, Norma Rios, described the test as slightly concerning. “I think the masks will make it more difficult for graders to understand the students,” said Rios. 

This year exhibits new guidelines for learning and test-taking. The current guidelines allow for students to learn in school and not at home. With that being said, the AP tests will take place in person and not at home. The standard three hours for each test is still in play, and most teachers are transitioning to practice in regards to the test. 

Another senior who has taken tests in-person and at home is Jett Liu. 

“Last year all of the tests were online and they did not take that long,” said Liu.

As the 2020-2021 school year begins to come to an end, there are many standardized tests that are around the corner. Fourth quarter starts the beginning of these tests and students are pushed to their limits with cramming. The coronavirus has changed many things but the AP test has gone back to normal with in-person testing.