COVID cases in school?


Braden Toth

masks ready for use for school

As we begin to return to a normal schedule, schools reopen at a slow pace due to the adjustment being harder than anticipated. The district has decided to reopen due to evidence showing that “the number of cases in Arizona and the city of Chandler have significantly decreased,”(CUSD80). This decision is one the district makes and has full jurisdiction over how schools will be reintroduced, even with studies saying that the cases have decreased. As stated by the CDC in their article regarding schools reopening, they stated that “Death rates among school-aged children are much lower than among adults. While this may be a notable fact does not mean that that school staff is out of the picture.


Once schools started to reopen, a case might appear and online schooling may resume its session. The newspaper staff interviewed the Principal, Dan Serrano was asked if there would be any kind of temperature checking done for COVID, his response was “No since we will have almost 3200 kids come back,”. He also states that “If you don’t feel well, stay home,” in order to prevent further spread of COVID. When asked what the procedure would be if there is a positive case, he states that “The Arizona Department of Health direct how people are notified,” implying that he does not have much say in how people are told if someone is confirmed to be infected with COVID.


 In an interview with Frau Zemaitis, a German Language teacher, and Michael (Red) Poehls, a football player for Perry, they were asked their thoughts on the possibility of a COVID case. Zemaitis’s thoughts on the question were “I haven’t really thought about it, but I would be even more vigilant about it if it did happen,”. Poehls also believes that it would make him more vigilant and adds “With how densely populated the school is, it will be hard if it does happen,” Due to the close contact in football games, “We’re very cautious,” some examples he brought up were always wearing a mask during weight training which has become a common routine. He mentions that Coach Jones was the main reason football has had a good transition with their precautions to prevent the possibility of a player getting COVID.Coach Jones has helped the players get into the routine of wearing a mask since the summer of 2020 and has succeeded in helping them adapt to their new conditions. Both the faculty and the students hope to make sure that the precautions that will keep them safe are listened to and followed to protect each other from COVID.