STEM requirements changed due to COVID-19

Junior Michelle Yoo

Michelle Yoo

Junior Michelle Yoo

It’s common knowledge that the STEM program requires students to take many challenging courses throughout their time at Perry. What some may not know, is that these dedicated students must complete activities outside of school as well. Students also must complete a STEM workshop and a STEM experience (usually job shadowing) to earn their special recognition.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has provided many obstacles for students attempting to complete these requirements. Schools have been closed until the end of the academic year and workshops were scheduled for the week following, so it’s not likely that students would be allowed on campus.

According to Mr. Mann, “Mr. Greene canceled the workshop requirement, at this stage the job shadow requirement is still in place”. Students who have already registered and paid for the workshop will be refunded.

Although there are many obstacles at the moment, Mr. Mann is confident students can get it taken care of. If they are unable to complete the requirement over the summer, “They can also do it over fall break or spring break”.

Students, on the other hand, do not think this is attainable. Michelle Yoo, a junior who feels extremely lucky to have completed her job shadowing earlier this year, said, “…it is extremely hard to find jobs that will let you shadow during this time. It would be unfair to students if it was still a requirement for stem. I think they should have alternatives for job shadowing that could fulfill that requirement”.

Although she thinks it’s unfair, Yoo does see the value of such an experience, “My job shadowing doesn’t allow me to come in at the moment because it’s at a hospital. But I think if you’re able to continue job shadowing while COVID-19 is going on you should definitely take that opportunity…It’s given me a sense of what my future work life would look like. so rather than an ideal dream with unrealistic expectations set i’ve been able to experience the real work flow of that career” she said.