Many people rely on food delivery services during stay-at-home order

The coronavirus outbreak has sparked new concerns for many businesses especially food delivering services. People all around the world are told to stay at least six feet apart from others to avoid this possibly lethal virus but questions arise when you are in the food delivery business.

A stay-at-home order was issued on March 30 by Gov. Doug Ducey to stay indoors unless you need to travel to purchase necessities. This is bringing attention to takeout food services and other apps that control delivered goods being brought to your home.

According to CBS News, a new procedure to deliver food was set in place in Yum, China: “The food courier then drops the order at a location agreed on with the customer, while standing at least 10 feet away from the recipient.”

Although this strategy is not the most convenient for a speedy service, it is lowering the possibility of catching the coronavirus. According to the CDC and the FDA, there is a very low chance of transmitting the virus from a sick chef preparing your meal to your food arriving at your home.

“This is particularly true for cooked foods. If you ordered something cold, like a salad, and the chef sneezed on it, there might be some risk,” says Alison DeNisco Rayome, food service specialist, “If food is handled properly, there should be very little chance of an issue.”

Many people in different industries are being released to take this quarantine into sick days or being fired all together. This has brought even more attention to websites such as Amazon or Ebay to deliver certain necessities because people are too afraid to leave their homes. 

Annie Palmer, an interviewer for CNBC says, “Many Americans … are turning to online marketplaces like Amazon to get essentials like toilet paper, food, and hand sanitizer delivered to their door.”

Palmer also states, “A dozen Amazon workers told CNBC that they’re terrified to go to work during the pandemic”. Not only is it frustrating for everyday people having to stay home scared, but now everyone is depending on delivering services to supply what they need although those workers are in need as well.

The most that can be done during this time is to stay inside and to take the proper precautions if needed to go out. Food delivering is available at this time depending on the business, although that can change quickly.