Arizona’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

With Governor Doug Ducey calling a statewide lockdown on Tuesday, March 31, he cements the authority of Coronavirus throughout Arizona. All nonessential businesses must commence all possible functions online. The order came down after he was advised by Dr. Cara Christ, Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, to finally bring down a shelter in place policy. 

But critics have voiced their concerns with the fact that the executive action taken on Ducey’s part is far too lenient, after all in states like Washington and New York, citizens are advised against leaving their homes, and pictures reflect that, but Ducey’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay connected”, is curated especially for Arizona. He described it as a Uniquely Arizona approach, “It’s a whole, holistic approach that prioritizes all of public health” he said in his speech announcing the order. 

Arizonans haven’t seen much effect on daily life either, as what the state deems as essential services are continuing business and the umbrella of “essential” is very wide, including golf courses and many other recreational centers, as well as Salons and Hair stylists

More locally, city mayors have been shutting down establishments since late March, starting with Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell, who, despite his lost reelection bid, is looking to the future of the phoenix metro area.

“These closures will work proactively to keep our community safe… Again this decision comes with a heavy heart to those affected in our community, but i know this is the right decision.” Mitchell released this statement with his proclamation on the 19th.

Ducey, Christ, Arizona National guard director Michael T. McGuire, and Arizona Chief Operating Officer Daniel Ruiz, participated in a Town Hall meeting discussing questions from citizens around the state. Many of the opening questions had to do with Governor Ducey’s Lax policies regarding what have been deemed “essential services”.

 “The businesses that are being mentioned are not inside the order, what they’re taking is some part of the order and they are behind that”. Within 24 hours of the town hall, Ducey handed down legislation that is closing nail salons, hair stylists and other beauty services.