Partners PE brings new class to Perry

Denise Ferrer and Jack Gratton


The 2019-2020 school year has brought many changes to Perry. New clubs, new teachers, new buildings, even new classes. This new program, Partners Physical Education, or Partners P.E., is ran by teacher Keddi Murrish. Principal Dan Serrano says “before, P.E. for special needs students was a traveling teacher. They would come once or twice a week. Those kids didn’t have a teacher everyday and place to go everyday.” This new program happens during second hour, four days a week. The class can count as credit towards P.E. or as an elective if P.E. has already been taken. 

You may ask, what is partners P.E.? “The Partners P.E. program is a class where students with disabilities are partnered with typical students in order to participate in physical activity. We learn a variety of sports, play all kinds of games, and build friendships along the way!” Murrish says. “Instead of a club it is a regular class in your schedule. It is open to students of all genders” and all grades. This program supports and embodies inclusion, a value  that the Perry environment has been working toward this year and is a great way to get involved with the schools’ many unique programs.  

This new program “…helps all students build new friendships, and gives everyone an extra opportunity to be physically active.” The one downside about the program is the need for more students. “Ideally we should have one typical partner for each student with disabilities,” Murrish describes. Lo and behold the solution to this problem is right in front of us.

Schedules for next year are being filled out this week and this new program is looking for as many members as possible. While this class is not on the list of specific electives to choose from, there is an easy way to enroll. “To sign up for this class students need to write ‘Partner PE’ on their registration forms and the counselors will take care of it” Murrish explains. This new program brings unity to Perry, and overall is an uplifting experience.