Lunch bunch’s new plan for the community


Vivian Duong

The Lunch Bunch sign outside of their table inviting students to have a place to sit.


As the campus continues with the growth of incoming students each new school year, it becomes difficult to some students to find a new group to join in a new environment. However, clubs such as the Lunch Bunch is dedicated to working towards inclusivity at school. 

“I’m just glad that people are realizing that it’s something we need [and] I feel like it wasn’t brought enough attention around here [on campus],” senior and club president Sophia Smith mentions. As Lunch Bunch aims to make sure that everyone is given an opportunity to make new friends and have someone to talk to at school. 

“I had a lot of passion and I know what it takes as an officer of a club, and how to have effective meetings thanks to StuGo,” sophomore and officer Sammy Cristerna says. The overall goal is to aid people in the community and making everyone feel safe in their environment. In essence, Lunch Bunch promotes self worth and makes sure that everyone has people around them to support one another. 

With such a big school, “it is a nice option for students to have a place to eat,” principal Dan Serrano inputs. Currently, the club is trying to recruit new members to join the club and strives to focus on community this semester. 

“We are starting to contact clubs on campus to sponsor a week at our table [as well as] have the student body informed about lunch bunch,” Cristerna establishes. As Lunch Bunch have already worked with club Bring Change to Mind that assist them in training. 

“We were able to work with another club on campus to work on training, to be able to speak out to people who need someone to talk to,” Smith elaborates. This training involved the members being taught how to approach and talk to someone who would possibly be interested in wanting to meet new people at their lunch table. With the training, Lunch Bunch strives on new projects in helping the community further than just on campus. 

“We are doing a couple of fundraisers and we are working on outreach and community service such as volunteering at other parks to help in the community,” Smith explains. With their success from last semester, Lunch Bunch is looking forward to the upcoming months with bigger ideas. 

“We just want to spread the message of self worth because everyone should be loved and cared for, everyone should feel safe in their environment,” Cristerna establishes. With a club that is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and making the first step to reach out to others, they can only hope that others will be able to pay it forward back within their own community.