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Perry Orchestra Students Qualify for Regionals: Recently auditions were held to qualify for regionals band or orchestra in the second to last week of January. Several students who auditioned were able to be chosen through hard work and talent. Students who play cellos or violins had a lot of competition to oversee but still rose to the top ranks. Despite the competition, congratulations to Paige Arnett – violin, Erin Arnold – harp, Ryan Birn – viola, Jaqy McAllister – harp, Hanna Reda – violin, Ryan Swart – viola, and Anya Yu – cello.

Students Chosen for the Southwest Regional Honor Choir: Competing among other schools, chosen for this honor choir through audition, the following students were chosen from their hard work that took to prepare. Congratulations to Halle Mason, Kaitlyn DuPuis, Makenna Webb, Leah Andersen, Sydney Syphus, Brooklyn Hawkins, Kylie Merrill, Ella Barnum, Jency Petersen, Becca McOmber, Mandy Wright, Abby LeSueur, Mikayla Dodds, Zoe Cummard, Carileigh Christensen, Joey Yu, Matthew Pitman, and Josiah Moulton.

MORP is coming: MORP is officially coming to Perry on March 2nd from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. The annual dance held every year is sure to bring excitement to people looking for a fun night. This year’s theme is red, white, and blue as the dance will be filled with fireworks, food trucks, and colored powder to celebrate festivities. Ticket prices will be $15 with an activity card, $17 without, and $20 at the door.

BLICK Fine Art Show: Selected students were chosen to compete in this year’s Fall BLICK Fine Art Photography Invitational Art Show. From December 7th to January 26, college and professional artists voted among the pieces from talented students. Several students were able to come out on top. Honorable mention to Parker Yazzie-Umberger, 3rd Place to Rowan Henriques, 2nd Place taken by Gracie Stapley, and 1st Place went to Emily Austad.

Girls Soccer Goodwill Drive: On February 2nd from 8:00 to 10:00 AM, Girls soccer hosted a Goodwill drive in Perry’s parking lot. To get up into spring cleaning, donations were accepted to organize the closets and fit in new things for the future. In benefitting for the greater good, the girls helped others out in cleaning but also participating in doing a great cause.

Construction update: The foundation for the new c building has currently gone underway and finished. The layout is still in process but installments of gates will soon come. The tennis courts however are being re-cemented and poles were installed for the gate to be built soon. The construction for the tennis courts will affect the players and will not be ready for tryouts as currently players will soon be practicing in other places that have to get ready for tryouts and the season.

Verizon Remind Controversy: The debate with Verizon and over the popular app of Remind, the dispute between the two have officially been resolved. Previously those who were on Verizon were not able to receive or send text messages causing many disputes. There were several online protests over this national problem making the two companies come to a compromise in which Remind and Verizon will now continue with the same fees applied before.

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