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Photography Invitational Art Show

Recently, the Fall Blick Fine Art Photography Art Show was hosted by company Blick Art Materials, and several of our students were able to participate and show off their creative talents. In total, more than 20 of our students were able to be apart of this competition. Judges ranging from college and professional artists analyzed   art pieces and voted on their favorite ones all throughout Dec. 7 to Jan. 26 . Many of our students were able to come back with awards. Arden Wallace and Parker Yazzie-Umberger were awarded honorable mentions. These students won all top three places, with Rowan Henriques in third place, Grace Stapley second, and coming in first Emily Austad.


Perry Orchestra

Over the weekend, in Glendale, orchestra students from  across the state ls auditioned to be qualified for the regional orchestra or regional band. Each Puma brought a unique talent to their performance, aiming to impress five judges. The competition was brutal  this year, especially for violin and cello players, but, at the end of the day, a good handful of them were able to come out victorious . A congratulations goes to Paige Arnett, Erin Arnold, Ryan Birn, Jaqy McAllister, Hannah Reda, Ryan Swart, and Anya Yu on their musical achievements.


Southwest Regional Honor Choir

Some of Perry’s talented choir students were selected to be apart of the Southwest Regional Honor Choir. Through their hard work and dedication, they were able to compete against other schools across the valley. These kids are extremely dedicated to their art and worked hard to prepare for this competitive title.

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