New generation of StuGo ushers in new faces


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The year of 2018 holds many memories near and dear for the students of Perry. Like the addition of another student parking lot to the glow foam MORP, and of course, the new Dutch Bros on Val Vista. This year also also some more serious milestones, such as the student led walkouts as well as the Red for Ed. As a whole this year was packed full of memories.

Perry serves as home to over 3,500 students and continues to grow every year, from organizing dances and assemblies and volunteering to give back to the community, StuGo is constantly working hard to make this school the best it can be while also making sure to follow rules and keep students safe. Volunteer work and hosting dances can easily seem to become overwhelming for students. With this year’s StuGo seniors working hard, the new age of incoming officers and members will be left with big shoes to fill.

“This year as president I have learned a lot about what it really means to be a leader,” Student body president Hannah Bashford said, “it is not as glamorous as it seems, I learned how to work hard and set goals and expectations for myself and the student government class.” Dedicating so much of her time during the year, Bashford has given it her all to make Perry the best it can be.

But with a new lineup of leaders comes an abundance of changes as well. Next years StuGo class will be lead by Grace Ogden as the new Student Body President, along with many others including Brintley Spencer as Vice President, Talia Schrader as Secretary, Lexi Foster as Treasurer, Natalie Duffy as Spirit Coordinator, Rylee Hanson as Publicity Manager, Loralli Johnson as Historian, and Hanna Mioni as Parliamentarian.

With the direction of this years StuGo leaders, next years class will be ready for the upcoming challenges ahead.

“She’s been a good example to me” Ogden said about Bashford, “on how to lead with authority and with firmness while still being really nice and really sweet to everyone.” With the help of their seniors next years StuGo will be prepped for the challenges or organizing new thoughts and ideas.

“It’s always good to have new ideas come in, new groups represented, so that we represent all of perry,” StuGo adviser Lerina Johnson said, “and that’s what happens each year when we get the new kids.” Especially as the population of Perry continues to grow, this amount of cooperation will do good for the school.

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