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Security changes for football game of the season


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Another game is racing forward as many people prepare to travel two hours down to the University of Arizona to watch the game of a lifetime. Some aspects will be different at this game compared to previous games.

Perry is sending several buses down to the game for the students. Principal Dan Serrano said, “We’re providing free transportation and we’re going to provide free tickets. I’m wondering how we’re going to travel. The more students there, that’s going to help the players get more motivated.” This is the first time in the history of Perry that the football team has made it this far and the students should be there to support the players.

There will definitely be more security guards attending. Head security guard Tommy Rice said that four of Perry’s security guards “are going to be on the buses with the students.” The four security guards will arrive and leave with the students on the buses provided by the school to supervise the students during the two hour ride. Rice said, “Our security will only be up in the stands with the kids. We won’t have any of our security down on the field.” Since it is the state championship, the AIA is mostly in charge.

There will be a plethora of supervision whether it be security or administration. Rice stated, “Our officer, Jesse, is going to go down. They have their own police force. They have their own security. They’ll pretty much be handling the main part of it. We’ll just go and take care of the kids.” Jennifer Burks said that “all [the administrators] will be there down on the field.”

This game will not be treated like any other playoff game. Serrano explained, “they’re going to treat people coming into the game like they do a college game: you have to have a clear bag and you can’t bring in outside drinks and you can’t bring in backpacks, students can’t bring in a speaker. So it’s going to be more strict.” Burks expanded on the fact that stereos are not allowed, “artificial noisemakers are not allowed and it will be confiscated if they brought it in and they are not allowed to do other music other than the band so they can’t bring in their stereo speaker.”

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Security changes for football game of the season