Robotics rocks in latest competition


Andrea Strock

The Sonoran Storm waits to compete at their first competition. Here they are at the Arizona East Regional Competition.

Under the pressure of competition, the PHS Sonoran Storm Robotics Club accomplished a great victory during this spring break. On Mar. 20 the club gained second place alliance in the Arizona East Regional Competition, defeating over 35 schools from around the country, including Chandler and Hamilton High School’s teams. The Sonoran Storm held an alliance with Kingsman High School from Kingsman Ariz. and Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High from San Diego. This group competed in the Recycle Rush challenge. The challenge included two team alliances, each with three robots, located on each side of the designated field. Here, the robots must attempt to stack recycling bins, with pool noodles inside, on top of stacked totes upon multiple parts of the field. The winner of each round is that of which alliance stacks the most.

Robotics Club Vice President, Milan Bhattacharya explained some of the complications with the other teams stating, “Sometimes teams would promise they would do a task, and we’d get in a round only to find out they couldn’t pull off the task.”

However, Perry’s Robotics Club was dignified for their teamwork, showcasing cooperation for every round.

Robotics Club Sponsor, Andrea Strock, noted this saying, “This was our first year when everyone got along. We met with the other teams in our alliance and created a ‘game plan’ to determine what each robot’s strengths were and how we could beat the other alliance.”

With such great teamwork, the Sonoran Storm made it to the final round, in which they reached second place in the end.

In doing so, the team was awarded trophies and medals at the closing ceremony. The Robotics Club was then recognized by the winning team with great pride and congratulations.

With this win, the club is more than determined to make next year even greater, as Strock added, “We felt amazing. We are all so proud of each other and can’t wait to take 1st place next year!

Not only does the team have competition in mind, but other new investments into the club.

Bhattacharya concluded, “Our next step is to increase awareness about our club and the class for robotics is available next year, and expand out increasing member size and fundraising efforts.”