“Masked” Homecoming pleases students across campus


Julia Alverado

During the homecoming carnival, Senior Cassidy Conley hands a churro across the table. Culinary was one of the many clubs at the carnival among others such as Perry Podcast, Paws for a Cause, Orchestra, Drama, DECA, and more.

Homecoming is a huge event that occurs in high schools nationwide. For Perry, it begins with a spirit week, homecoming carnival, the football game, and then finally, the much-anticipated homecoming dance.

With homecoming being almost a month earlier than usual, StuGo did everything in their power to make sure it was the best one yet. A notable amount of posts on social media can prove to anyone that this year’s homecoming festivities have been the best one that Perry has had to offer.
Spirit week kicked off with workout day on Monday and ended with the famous red-hot day with the exciting pep assembly.

On September 11, 2014, Perry had its annual homecoming carnival. At this event, many clubs ran booths where the students could play games and win prizes. Additionally, the carnival had the haunted house and a Taste of Perry in the cafeteria, which had a multitude of vendors.

Varsity football raised its standards when they defeated Gila Ridge 61-9 at the homecoming game. Here, the football players wore blue camouflage and had the student section decked out in camouflage as well. There were fireworks for every touchdown made and flour tossed across the stands.

From the decorations to the DJ, “Masked” homecoming was one for the books. The dance started at 7 o’clock and had an outside set up filled with tables, treats, and drinks.

Homecoming week was a great turnout for StuGo and for the students at Perry High School.

Puma Den set to open
If you wish you could use your credit card at school to purchase food outside of the cafeteria, then you are in luck. DECA Introduces The Puma Den, a student run school store opening soon in the CTE building. The store will provide a variety of food options along with the availability to pay with credit or debit card instead of cash.

With a growing student population, the lines in the cafeteria can be rather scary. However, the new school store will provide another option for food.
“Majority of items will be food and beverage” DECA president Bari Richardson said. However, different merchandise will also be sold in the store.

“With 32 hundred kids on campus, the cafeteria is maxed out. They do a great job, it’s just that’s a lot of people. And with another option, even just for snacks, you’ll be able to sit down and eat lunch and not just stand in line the whole time,” advisor Rob Lange stated.

Although DECA hopes to open the store soon, they plan on holding a soft opening.

“The soft opening will just be teachers and staff, faculty and staff, and it’ll help us iron out wrinkles in the process so that way when we do open, [we] can do it right,” Lange stated.

Perry Podcast Forms as a Branch of PNL
With the recent release of TV Production’s most recent production, “Perry Podcast,” many students are likely confused about what happened to this year’s original show “Puma Nation Live.” Podcast is simply a branch of this year’s original PNL.

Junior Isaiah Patterson, executive producer of PNL, explains, “Podcast is something that Cole, Adam, and Mason have been thinking about from last year.” He continues, “They didn’t like the way Primetime did it so they wanted to make their own.”

They are differentiated by crew and purpose as PNL is entirely news-based while Podcast has more comedic content, similar to last year’s Perry Prime Time. Patterson confirms, “PNL is what the [TV Productions} teacher [Brian] Bernier wanted to turn Prime Time into [and] make it more informative.”

The shows will alternate production about every two weeks, with a new show every month. To watch the productions, visit their Vimeo channel, “Puma Nation Live.”