New CTE/SCI building falls behind schedule


Ryan Coleman

The construction crew works to lay the foundation for the new Career and Technical Education building on the west side of campus. The new building will also house science classes. It was originally set for completion by the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, but it was pushed back to mid-October.

The construction of the new addition to the F-building, located adjacent to the student parking lot, is well underway.

The new building was originally due for completion by the first day of school for the 2014-2015 school year, but the construction was pushed back two months. Complications with the building’s progress is a result from obtaining proper permits needed through the town of Gilbert.

“The biggest hurdle was all the permits from the city,” Serrano said, “that’s delayed us two weeks already.”

In addition to paperwork slowing down the process, other setbacks can be as simple as the weather.

“If we get rain or [inclimate] weather, that can cause problems,” Serrano says.

As for the available space, all current CTE classrooms (which will eventually be moved into the new building) will be reserved for new traveling teachers in the years to come.

The teachers who will be moved to the new building have reserved spots already, making the transition to their new home easier.

“We’re hoping to make the transition over fall break, so we can move classes without  interrupting the system,” Serrano says.

Teachers and students from the outside F-130’s, or dungeon classes,  and F-building have experienced the construction firsthand, mainly from the sound of the jackhammers right outside the classrooms.

“The first day [construction workers] started using jackhammers in the cement, and [students] had the ACT or SAT practice tests,” principal Dan Serrano stated, “so [students] had to go home.”

Hopefully all goes to plan and another delay is not in the near future for the construction team.