Perry clubs take over cleaning stadium


After a school victory at a varsity football game, most students and their families go home. However, as the Puma Regiment, the school’s marching band, knows, the hours after the Friday Night Lights glory are spent cleaning up the mess left in John Wrenn Stadium.

Principal Dan Serrano’s policy has always been that the job of cleaning the stadium goes to whoever sells concessions. Since the Puma Regiment works concessions, parents not helping with the show have always cleaned the stadium. However, this year’s band performance is much larger than before and requires so many volunteers, that there are not enough parents left to work on the clean-up staff after varsity football games.

The band boosters decided to seek help from activities director, Kevin Ames. They opened up the task to the multiple clubs on campus. Ames’ e-mail invitation received numerous replies from interested groups.

“I actually have more clubs, probably, that would like to do it, than I have games,” Ames stated.

A few interested clubs include: Puma PAC, Paws for a Cause, Pom and Cheer, and Choir. The clubs will be provided with trash bags, brooms, and other supplies. In return for their work, they will receive $200 to spend.

Puma PAC, who cleaned the stands the morning after the Varsity football game on September 6, 2013, will be donating the money.

The Puma PAC sponsor, Cindy Pino, says, “We’re going to choose an animal shelter or an organization that helps animals and we’re going to donate all of the money we earn to them.”

Another interested club, Choir, is already preparing to clean the stadium. Choir teacher Joe Little says that the money will be divided between his students who volunteer. The money will then go towards the students’ fees for the upcoming choir trips.

As band retires from stadium clean-up on Friday nights, other Perry clubs are taking over and cleaning for a cause.

As Ames states, “I think that, all in all, it’s something that is going to benefit everybody.”