Dylan Anderson: The future for Basketball


Dylan Anderson, a 6’11 sophomore basketball player has even taller dreams to reach of joining the NBA. Dylan has always had a love for basketball but started to get passionate about it just three years ago. He plays for not only Perry, but also for his EYBL (as in Nike Circuit), a club called Arizona Supreme. Dylan’s impressive athletic abilities allow for him to receive scholarships in the future, letting him branch into numerous different opportunities of his choice. 

Although the coronavirus quarantine restricts many basketball players and other athletes to receive their proper training, Dylan has not lost hope and still has been working towards his dreams. He says his biggest inspiration is his older brother Zach.

“I’ve always seen my brother play and I just always wanted to be like him” Dylan says, “My favorite quote is ‘Work in silence and let your success be your noise.’”

 Dylan has many supporters on his side including his close friend, sophomore Avery Burks. Burks has known Dylan just since the start of the school year yet says, “For what I know he always trains with high intensity and it really shows in his play, he is pretty much all around a skilled player.”

Despite the countless hours of training, he still manages a good social life with family and friends who are just as eager to watch Dylan grow as colleges are. Bella Wahl, also a sophomore at Perry, has been watching Dylan improve since they became best friends in 7th grade at Santan Jr. High.

“When he played in middle school, he has always been the best…” Wahl says, “He’s worked so hard to get to his skill level, countless hours he put in practices and works extremely hard to better his education. His family has also been amazing support for his training.”


One of the many accomplishments Dylan has achieved is being ranked 9th in the country for ESPN for class of 2020, and this is only the beginning of his long journey of success.