Junior Jordyn Bookout designs own swimsuit line


Teenage entrepreneur, Jordyn Bookout creates a swimsuit line for women. sixteen year old designs, finances, ships, and products all on her own. 

In 2018 Jordyn was invited to a networking pool party for local teen artist, where she had made her first swimsuit and “fell in love with it” a year later, she decided to create her own online store called Jords Swim. The name of her store comes from her step mom, “one of my biggest supporters” she states. Jordyn kicked off her new company by doing behind the scenes, making a social media page, and doing a huge giveaway to catch people’s eyes. So far she has been able to make 56 sales sense April. 


“They’re like my best friends when it comes to designing pieces and choosing fabrics.””

— Jordyn Bookout

Jordyn starts off her designs by looking through pinterest and forecasting sites, Once she has her designs down, sizing comes next. Jordyn offers sizes extra small to extra large, custom sizing is available if you don’t find a size that fits you. She has had only one complaint with sizing, and offered her another swimsuit but the lady refused to take it. “I wasn’t going to let it ruin my dreams” she replied. Jordyn is currently starting to seek new designs for spring 2020. Etsy is the place to go if you’re looking for one of Jordyn’s swimsuits. There is an option to choose the type of style for the swimsuit, a color, and size. It takes about 3-5 business days to arrive. The cost of her items range from 20 dollars to 26 dollars depending on the type of swimsuit a customer chooses.

On the website Jordyn has a rating of four and a half stars. Most of Jordyns reviews are positive with only one negative comment about the sizing, but she took the comment as a lesson. A customer asked Jordyn how she came up with the names of her swimsuits, she replied with “ each design is named after a woman that’s had an impact on me”. A big seller is the Morgan style in swimsuit bottoms and the Lillian swimsuit top. Jordyn’s personal favorites are the Hannah and Sydney Top. 

Bookout will continue to work on her line for spring 2020 with new designs and new patterns. So next summer, be on the lookout for her swimsuit line.