Getting to know JenDo


JenDo and her son, Nick.

With her incredible dance moves and loving personality, math teacher Jennifer Dominguez (also known as JenDo) mixes fun and math together. If it was not for one of her friends at Northern Arizona University, she probably would not be teaching here.

Not only is Dominguez hilarious and really fun to be around, the way she teaches is special. She makes sure all of her students are engaged and understanding the math content. She enjoys the “teaching” part of math, and likes helping students understand it.

Apart from being a very loved math teacher, Dominguez is a single mom with her son, Nick. Being a single mom is quite hard for her at times, as she has good days and bad days, “Nick and I went through a rough patch last year, but being here keeps me strong and energized through the tough times,” explains Dominguez regarding her family emergency last year. She loves being around her students, as they keep her calm and relaxed.

Besides teaching math, she also teaches life skills, which all of her students deeply appreciate. Sometimes, even her students one-up her and end up teaching her some life skills as well. Dominguez is an amazing teacher (and person) and many students value being in her class.

Senior Emily Guadango is currently in Dominguez’ second hour and loves being in her class, “I like the fact she knows it’s senior year for us,” she explains. “She’s a very fun teacher and is easy to talk to, especially since she’s so down to earth.”

Alexis Termini, also a senior in Dominguez’ second hour states, “She’s a strong woman after all she’s been through and I admire her for that,” Termini highlights. “She has a lot on her plate but she always seems to get things done and has a good attitude about it.”.

Not only is Dominguez a smart and clever teacher, she is also brings dull and bored students to life with her fun music playlist and Beats speaker. She even dances around her room sometimes and excites her students with her passionate dance moves.

Dominguez cares for her students, both in their success with life, and school. She gets her kids focused and concentrated on the math they are about to learn. She cares for them in a fun aunt type of  way, making sure they are all right and not having problems of their own.

Dominguez is a very special teacher and person, and she deserves all the love and respect in the world. She is very caring and loved by all.