Principal wins Best Administrator of the Year Award

Principal Dan Serrano won the award “Administrator of the Year in the Central Region of Arizona for his support of the PHS theater program.” Serrano received this award for his extra support in the theater program by making necessary arrangements that guaranteed a fair amount of help and money to the arts department.

Theater, being recognized around the state for their amazing theatrical performances, brought positive attention to Perry. Students, teachers, and parents alike pondered, “Why is our theater so good?” The answer to their question is Serrano and his immense support for school activities.

“The plaque is on my wall but it was all [the theater student’s] hard work that deserve the credit,” said Serrano.

Through Serrano’s support the theater department has made a name for themselves with their audience’s support. Shawna Marquis, the theater teacher, loved the help that Serrano gave because it helped make the plays an easier production.

“I nominated him because of the help he gave to [the arts department],” explained Marquis.

Money has been a problem for theater department mainly because of all of the expensive components that go into each production, with the set almost always being the most expensive. However, Serrano wanted the theater department to have everything they needed to put on the best production they could, so he helped fix the issues. Serrano supported the theater department with funding and extra help to achieve theater’s goals. Serrano insures each activity in school gets a fair amount of funding so they can achieve their highest potential.

“Serrano helped furnish a truck for a play that we couldn’t afford to furnish ourselves,” said director Jim Fountain.

However, Serrano does not choose favorites on campus; everything on campus gets a fair chance to become something great. From sports to theater, Serrano supports every activity on campus and looks forward to a great future in all school programs.

“Serrano is a well-rounded man and supports everything in the school,” said Fountain.