Concert band uplifting winter concert


Jaxen Maxey

The Concert Band gets up to soak in the cheering. The crowds clapping got louder and louder.

The Winter concert for concert band is a big time of the year for them. Music and cheer is something that is never a problem for this concert, it will be the second one of the year and this band is working hard to satisfy the people that will come and support. The theme for this concert will be Holiday themed, the vibes will be very cheerful. Kately Bach says, “This one we have a Holiday theme”. Preparation is definitely a huge key and they do not have a problem with that. This band has four concerts in a year, one for each quarter, so the Winter concert will be a great way to wrap up 2022.

This Winter concert has a wonderful aura to it and many people are ready to come out and enjoy it. Memorizing songs is definitely a big part of this because everyone needs to be in sync for the songs to sound pleasing, although some people have a better time being in sync with songs they enjoy. Amber Thigpen explains what it takes to be in concert band, “It takes dedication and being able to practice”. The importance of this concert is bigger than they may seem because as 2022 comes to an end, the concert band is looking to give everyone a good time. Everyone performing needs to be ready because it takes a lot to be in this band and they have been working really hard. Christmas time is the best time of the year and the happiness of everyone will come around to be happy and have more chemistry. As the concert is right around the corner the members of the band will have more adrenaline.

 This concert isn’t like other concerts in many other ways. Since Christmas is a big part of the year then this would attract more people. This concert is great for people who want to come out and vibe before Christmas approaches, especially because the concert band wants to show people what they are all about. Zach Bialek states his favorite part about performing, “Sharing the work we have done in front of everyone and performing in front of everyone”. The mood is right for this and they are pumped to perform in front of loved ones, friends and even people they don’t know, which is always exciting. It is such a great concert and so happy all around being nervous won’t be a problem. Winter in Arizona may not be a wonderland but that won’t stop the band members from their merry attitudes. As we get ready to be entertained and amused the spectators’ ears will also be in paradise. The winter concert will be an amazing opportunity to have fun and be entertained on December 14, 2022.