Morbius: Sony’s latest flop


Presley Plant

Morbius released April first and in its first week it made $10.2 million. It is currently standing at 16% on rotten tomatoes and a 5.2/10 on IMDB.

Morbius was Sony’s most recent Spider-man related project. This movie is about Doctor Micheal Morbius, who has a terminal disease known as pseudo-vampirism. It follows his quest to cure it when he stumbles upon the cure, as well as something deeper. 

The movie starts off as Dr. Morbius gathers vampire bats for his experiments to cure his rare terminal disease. After this it cuts to a flashback where we are first introduced to Milo, Micheals best friend and someone who also has the same disease. After this we learn that Micheal is very close to a cure, in fact so close that he is experimenting with it. He then goes on to perform the experimental cure on himself, after which he received his vampire-like abilities. From then on nothing is the same for Dr. Morbius as he is hunted down and framed for the murders of several civilians. 

This movie ended filming in Spring of 2019 and was delayed numerous times with an original release date of July 2020, but did not end up releasing until April 2022 nearly three years after filming was ended. 

Overall this movie was a disaster, from the pacing of the movie to the visual effects, it was just not well executed or well perceived by the public. This movie’s pacing was all over the place and feels very rushed at times. Not only this but it is hard to keep track of what is happening in a specific scene because it just cuts to the next scene without hardly any explanation. The CGI and special effects were good at some points in the film but all around not very good. The film had a weird trend where whenever Morbius was in his vampire form or in use of his powers the colors surrounding him would stretch and get distorted. However, this was just an artistic choice, it was not one that favored the movie. Although it did do a good job on representing his powers it was just not very visually pleasing. 

The music and casting were also major flaws within the movie. The music in the movies seemed to never stop, whether it was ambient music, or dark music in the action sequences, it just seemed to never end.  

Some of the better parts of this movie was the post credit scene, this scene connected the MCU to the Sony Cinematic Universe. Not only this but the movie did have good cinematography in a lot of parts. The movie also did a good job at demonstrating what his powers are and what he must do to keep himself in check. Another redeeming part of this movie was the fight scenes, the mix of high paced fights with other action sequences made for a solid action film. This was also Jared Leto’s first main character role and he did a good job with the script he was given.

 Overall however, this movie was very underwhelming, a lot of potential to expand the Sony Spider-verse went to waste with this movie.