New opportunities for artistic students

The Fine Arts department is undergoing new adaptations. Firstly, the art department is hosting a competition to design a t-shirt that can be worn to bring spirit and awareness to the art department. “Just to make our department a little more visible, like you know how there’s those shirts that the football players wear on Fridays or game  days, or Thursdays, something like that, that kind of promotes the fine arts,” said Mrs. DeCritofaro.  Any student or staff member can submit a design, and fine art students were offered the templates to design in class. Those interested can find more information from Mrs. DeCristofaro, the head of the Fine Art Department. The design is due Sept. 17th to Mrs. DeCristofaro’s room in C301.  The only parameters for the competition are that the design is original, uses only 1-2 colors, and the shirt must encapsulate all different elements of Fine Arts. When asked what the voters are looking for Mrs. DeCristofaro said, “Aesthetics, a design that represents all the departments, something that could be done in one print.” The shirts will be sold through the Fine Arts Department teachers, however, the price has not been finalized. This is the first year the department will have specific merchandise for themselves, and attire that is designed by active members of the school. The winner of the contest will receive a free shirt for creating the chosen design. 

Another addition is STUGO’s partnership with musical students at sporting events. STUGO is providing the chance for students to perform the national anthem at student sporting games. Currently, at some events the national anthem is performed, such as at football games and volleyball matches, but not every sport receives the star-spangled banner. In response, Students had the opportunity to sign up for the chance to perform in the cafeteria. The students who are chosen will sing the national anthem prior to different games, which is a new way to include students in American pride and bring enthusiasm to games. “We are doing a search through Instagram and then reaching out to contestants personally,” Lerina Johnson, advisor of Student Government said. According to Johnson, this opportunity has be available to students in the past, but STUGO decided to revive the program this year.