Luxury convenience store opens in first phase of Epicenter project


Lindsey Harrison

Located on the corner of Higley and Ray, Air Guitar is definitely worth a stop by.

The newly opened Air Guitar is the most convenient and exciting convenience store in the area. Built on the corner of Higley and Ray, it’s the first of many stores and restaurants a part of Agritopia’s new “Epicenter” project. The owners, who also founded the popular Downtown Gilbert restaurant Postino’s, say the store is committed to “Life’s Little Luxuries”. From snacks, to pizza, to ice cream, to even a coffee bar the store is a luxurious corner store paradise.

The store’s products are carefully curated so that they have something every customer needs. There are healthier and ingredient-focused options, diet-friendly choices, and all the traditional “junk food” people crave. They carry brands that might be seen at a store like Sprouts, along with local and small labels, and the brands that are carried at traditional convenience and grocery stores.

The drink selection is broad and varied. They have energy drinks, coffees, and sodas. There are healthier brands like Califia and Poppi along with conventional brands such as Coca Cola and Starbucks. Whatever drink or dietary needs people are shopping for (dairy free, sugar free, etc.), they have it. 

Along with the bottled and canned drinks, there’s a soda fountain and a slushie machine. They carry Coke products and Tractor Beverage Co. (you might’ve seen this brand at Chipotle or Joe’s Farm Grill). Their flavors include coconut, lemongrass, and “Tractor Cola”.

In the mood for coffee? They even have a coffee bar! The menu offers everything from hot chocolate, to nitro cold brew, to kombucha.

In the mood for something even sweeter? Check out the ice cream shop. There’s a variety of classic flavors like mint chocolate chip and cookie dough. Their signature menu item is a cotton candy ice cream burrito. Another unique addition to the store–a popsicle chute that sends your frozen treat directly to you.

Feeling hungry? Grab a take home meal from M Culinary Concepts, a frozen dinner, or a freshly made slice of pizza. The take home meals are fresh and locally made, they have a variety of options to fit everyone’s diet. The same goes for the frozen food selection. They have lots of plant based options, gluten free choices, and organic ingredients.

The pizza is three dollars a slice and is absolutely delicious. Think a level above Costco pizza with melty cheese, delicious toppings like sausage and pepperoni, and fluffy herbed crust. There’s always pizza out, so there’s no need to wait, just grab a slice, put it in a triangle shaped to-go box, and get on your way. This makes a great after school snack or late night meal. 

Besides food, there’s an absolutely gorgeous selection of fresh flowers. They come from the local Camelback Flower Shop and bouquets range from $15 to $40. 

A wide variety of miscellaneous items are available as well, perfect to grab and go. There’s even curated personal care items like Schmidt’s deodorant and Acure face wash.

Although a lot of the prices are marked up from their typical retail prices, it’s the cost of convenience and can save a trip across town to find one specific item. They bring in brands and products that you might not find otherwise, so it’s perfect for discovering new favorite things. Open from 5am-11pm, Air Guitar definitely worth a stop by.