Paw Patrol: The movie is on a roll


Meghan McGowan

In Paw Patrol: The Movie, the pups travel outside Adventure Bay at the request of a local dog, Liberty. They work as a team to throw newly elected Mayor Humdinger out of office.

Paw Patrol: The Movie is based off of the popular cartoon show Paw Patrol; this popular kids show can be found on Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon, as well as on the Philo streaming service, and the movie can be found in theatres and Paramount and Amazon Prime. 

The televised show follows the story of puppies Chase, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Tracker, and Rocky and their leader Ryder as they save different members of their community in Adventure Bay. However, in the movie, the Paw Patrol receives a call from Liberty, a well-intentioned weiner dog. The pups’ on-going antagonist, Mayor Humdinger, was elected mayor, and his new leadership posed a threat to the citizens of Adventure City. He ignores the warnings of the local scientist and puts his community at risk. 

As the Paw Patrol journeys to the big city, Chase struggles with going back after he was abandoned in Adventure City years before joining the Paw Patrol, and he has to overcome obstacles in order to work with the rest of the team. Liberty deals with feeling left out of the Paw Patrol, even after her essential efforts to help the team navigate this city that is new to them. 

As the pups dealt with Mayor Humdinger, there was a lot of chatter and clapping in the theatre. The children in the audience loved the movie and would sing along to the songs. They were dancing in their seats and quoting the popular catch-phrases along with the characters. There were plenty of easy-to-understand puns that had the kids laughing out loud. 

The music soundtrack accurately portrayed the emotion of the little kids’ action movie. The theme song from the television show played several times throughout the movie, with slight variations at the end of the movie. A popular song in the movie was “Good Mood” by pop-singer Adam Levine. The title alone gives an accurate portrayal of the feelings the movie brought to the audience, as well as the lyrics, which talk about clouds, rainbows, magic, and letting go of problems. 

This kid’s movie had several “big name” voice actors, such as Kim Kardashian (Delores), Randall Park (Butch), Marsai Martin (Liberty), Tyler Perry (Gus), Dax Shepard (Ruben), Jimmy Kimmel (Marty Muckracker), and Yara Shahidi (Kendra Wilson). The celebrities added a level of humor for the adults watching with their children. The movie was not overly cheesy, and it was enjoyable for the adults in the audience, who went with their children.