Dancing through a screen


Screenshot of the free Break The Floor live classes offered on day one.

The dance community begun to feel the effects of covid-19 as soon as it all began. With school closing alongside dance studios closing as well, dancers have not been able to have one-on-one training that is key to their training. But that hasn’t stopped them from doing what they love.

“I’ve spent time at home just messing around with choreography and it’s nice but it’s not the same as being in class with all my friends,” says sophomore Anilisse Cappucci who is in both choreo/improv and intermediate dance. 

The choreo/improv class has spent this time working on assignments that help them to think of choreographing dances in ways they may not have thought of before. They have also been broadening their knowledge of different choreographic forms, dance angles, etc., all to work them towards becoming better dancers and teachers.

Dance teachers and studios outside of school have found ways to get dancers to continue dancing through this pandemic by offering many live classes. Whether it’s through Instagram live, Zoom, or another website, there are so many opportunities for dancers to keep up their training while at home.

“I’ve taken a lot of online classes from teachers I’ve always wanted to learn from and it’s been awesome,” says sophomore Moveo member Makenzi Lauritzen.

Lauritzen says she took classes from a convention and production called Break The Floor which held a free week of classes for anyone and everyone who just wanted to dance. Break The Floor is associated with some very big dance conventions, such as JUMP and NUVO, which tour all over America, allowing dancers to compete with their studios and take classes from some of their favorites.

“I’ve been dancing in my garage because I have space and the right floor so for me it’s not that much of a struggle…I’m lucky to have the room that I have,” says Lauritzen.

Not all dancers have the space to take these classes, some are limited to their hallways, others their room. Aside from the spacing issues, not everyone has the right sources to let them know about the class opportunities which may cause them to miss out. 

“I think most of our students are doing everything we ask of them and are utilizing other online dance platforms to keep training,” says dance teacher Fara Sadler.

Sadler teaches beginning and intermediate dance along with Moveo and the choreo/improv class. Along with the other dance teachers, she has been giving assignments that don’t require much space or physical energy but rather focus on getting the students to connect with their families.

“[I want them to] relish this time with family and rediscover [themselves]. At the end of all of this there is still your future. You just have to find a way to make the best of it,” says Sadler. 

Being out of training is hard on all athletes, but dance teachers all over are doing their best to keep up the energy and motivation in all their students. If you truly want something enough, you’ll always find room for it.