Early release movies worth buying


This journey through quarantine has been difficult for everyone, however it has given all of us a chance to watch an abundance of movies.We have lost a lot of luxuries we took for granted, such as going to the movies. Luckily Vudu and Amazon now sell early release films so we don’t miss out on the movies we would have to wait for. Sadly these early release films can only be bought. So, which early release movies are actually worth buying? 


The 1917 historical drama directed by Sam Mendes, is one of the films to be released early during the quarantine. The film recently won three oscars for visual effects, sound mixing, and cinematography. 1917 is a beautifully shot film however, it is very violent and is not for children. Some of the graphic scenes are absolutely disgusting and will make you want to vomit. The film had an amazing cast that truly brought the film to life. The movie is super long but definitely worth watching. The 1917 is definitely one of the early release movies worth buying. 


The movie Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel was also released early. The movie in one word is amazing. Bloodshot will constantly have you on the edge of your seat. Not only does the movie have a perfect cast it also has an awesome soundtrack. The movie does have a decent amount of violence so it is not recommended for small children. The movie is both suspenseful and hilarious. Bloodshot is action packed. It is an incredible film that is totally worth buying. 


Little Women is also an early release film. The movie provides a whole new look on Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel. Out of all the renditions of Little Women this is by far the best. The cast was phenomenal and could not have been better. The movie brings the novel to life in a way that has never been done before. The movie will have you laughing and crying at the same time. Little Women directed by Greta Gerwig is the best movie I have ever seen in my entire life! Little Women truly is a beautiful film. It is completely worth buying.