Student media: in depth look on class



Bernier's class working on project. Then winning national festivals

Last year, the Student Media class, led by Brian Berneir, placed fourth in the nation this past December at the National Academy of Television, Arts, and Science festival. Their submission of a documentary on the softball team filmed by Hunter Thompson, Cooper Richter, and Grant Woodford traveled all the way to nationals in the “long term non fiction” category. Bernier states, “It was a good learning experience and they worked hard, they created a fun time for all of us.” 

The student media class has shown off their skills this year by filming and working on short videos and sport games. As the school year progresses the student media class begins to develop more qualities that improve their content. As this specific class continues to take trophies home for their excellent work in their filming and graphic display. Sophomore Grant Woodford stated, “This class has given me a good bond and has helped me learn to work with others.” 

Bernier includes a very relaxed teaching ethic in order to keep his students in the right direction and to continue to work hard and place in national competitions. The past seniors Hunter Thompson and Cooper Richter graduated this last year with awards to take home from the amount of work that they have contributed to the student media class and allow it to continue it’s reputation in placing high in competitions. Bernier states, “We have won a lot of awards, in fact we win the Chandler Festival every year, we always get first second and third.” As the class continues to work on projects throughout the school year they begin to beat most of the districts in Arizona.

The learning experience changes all the time from the new upcoming technologies that student media acquire each year. Bernier states “We always have to adapt to the technology so my favorite thing about teaching always changes.” The film class that produces are short videos and broadcasts are in action as they have new projects everyday from filming a basketball game to making an entertaining short video.

The creative aspects of this class continue to grow as students begin to make friendships while designing a new video. Woodford stated, “We created a brother type-like bond over these projects and we grow from these videos,” Woodford stated.

The class creates a good working environment and promotes creativity above everything else. Bernier states “I love to see the students creativity in their projects, and I like to see their own perspective and to be able to be accountable for their own product.” As the class progresses to get national and state awards, they make a huge impact on our school by producing all of our digital videos.