Song review: Watermelon Sugar leaves listeners feeling sweet


At 9:30 p.m. on Saturday night, Harry Styles fans everywhere stopped breathing. He not only dropped a new song without any warning, but he also premiered on Saturday Night Live as a host and musical quest. The name of the song is Watermelon Sugar; his second song of his second album coming Dec. 13, Fine Line. It is a beautiful song that is very meaningful to him and his fans. After listening to nothing but it for 30 minutes, I still couldn’t get enough. 

The song has a sort of nostalgic vibe to it with words and sounds that fit the theme and ignite warmth and excitement in the listener. The guitar and jazzy background music mixed with phrases like “strawberries on a summer evening” and make listeners remember summers past when they would lay in the sun and enjoy summer, perhaps eating strawberries or watermelon if you get the hint. It was built up and talked about by fans a lot before it was released causing a lot of chaotic excitement once it suddenly came out. The song is a perfect representation of Harry and his style of music, just like all his music. 

Many know Harry Styles just as an old member of One Direction, but to his fans, he is so much more. He is a talented musician that spreads love to all and is known for his songs meaning nothing like they seem to mean. This song seems like he is talking about sweet, summer memories but in reality, he is probably talking about love and missing a person, because that’s what all of his songs are like. 

His music cannot be subject to just one style or category of music which makes all of his releases so exciting. You never know what you’re going to get. His first album had everything; from slow, sad songs like Sign Of The Times: to hard rock songs like Kiwi: and R&B jazz songs like Two Ghosts. They are all so different from each other, just like this song seems to be for this album. The first song released for his new album is called Lights Up and is fast-paced and full of bass. The lyrics compared to Watermelon Sugar, are a lot more straightforward, but even then he is portraying multiple things; only his dedicated fans would understand the underlying message. 

This song is not only pleasant to the ears, but the lyrics are warming to the heart. Hearing his deep but smooth voice singing low notes and then stretching to highs gives the song so much dimension and it isn’t annoying to hear. You can listen to it for hours, focusing on a different part of the song every time and trust stan twitter and Harries (Harry Styles fans) everywhere, you won’t be disappointed.