Jesus is King puts Kanye back on map


In late 2018 Kanye West grabbed the attention of his fan base by saying he was dropping an album. Yandhi would drop in September of last year after the release of  Ye and Kids See Ghosts. After he proceeded to delay the album several times, the album got leaked. This leak would end up canceling the album. Yandhi was forgotten. Until the summer of 2019, Kim Kardashian-West tweeted a picture of the title Jesus is King with the date September 28. Kanye West began his Sunday service tours to gain traction and put out awareness for the album release, he would travel church to church, city to city every sunday. September 27, the hype within the community was of the chains, as Def Jam claimed that the album just has some minor issues but it will be set for release at midnight. Kanye delayed the album to October 25 instead. 

Kanye released the album at noon October 25 making people wait for the fun of it, toying with them so he could gain more hype on the album release. The Kanye west gospel album released with a movie to be released at a later time. Kanye West would hold Billboards No.1 album spot for the 9th time in his career. The album hit with 3 hits, “Every hour (feat. Sunday Service Choir)”,”Follow God”, and “Closed on Sunday”. The mix of his rugged rap style and the church choir really bring life to the album. The music although sounding angry brings a calming feeling with the waves of electronic drums and guitar mixing in sweet melodys with life infused sounds, but the emptiness of a blank room. Simple, short, and satisfying. 

Although Kanye had a few masterpieces on this album, some songs were just bland and tasteless or made no sense on a tape with pure raw hip hop music, mixing like oil and water. It sounds rough and rushed instead of firm and full. The songs “Hands On”, “Water” and Hands on have sound that just feels underwhelming for the wait. It sounds like a 3 year old picked up some instruments in the studio and Kanye ran with it. It sounds incomatent. 

The album finishes its 25 min 11 track list strong with Use This Gospel, and Jesus is Lord with a strong gospel feel and regains the liking of many as the former smooth sound comes back. The album gets a buttery finish with Jesus is Lord having a very nice sound almost cascading the great parts of the album. The album is far from perfect but still holds true to it’s gospel intent it gets a 4/5 stars, quality yet hold simplistic value.