To Watch or Not to Watch: The November Edition

Last Christmas, Midway, Playing with Fire


Last Christmas:

The Last Christmas movie will make you wish it was the Last Christmas movie ever made. It was remarkably bad. The move itself lacks a climax and overall purpose. The movie has one mood throughout, depressed. The Last Christmas movie will leave you in tears or bored out of your mind. But I you enjoy dreading the holidays this movie is for you. Overall don’t bother with the Last Christmas movie. It is just another depressing movie about the Christmas season.



Warning: this movie is not suited for those who cannot stomach violence or historical accuracy. The Midway movie will shock you to your core. The movie could not have been better cast. You will feel as though you were on the front lines yourself. It will change the way you look at history. I one hundred percent recommend the Midway movie. It is something everyone should see. It is the best movie to come out all November hands down.


Playing with Fire:

This was the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. It is a never ending movie filled with stupid humor. The plot lines are predictable and there are no twists or turns. The cast was utterly disappointing. The Playing with Fire movie will make you lose all respect for smoke jumpers. Don’t waste your time or money on this horrible movie.