Growing a Business with Homemade Pens


A one of a kind restaurant. The Queen Creek Olive Mill. It is a restaurant, an olive farm, and a little shop! The olive mill not only has good food but also supports one of our local puma’s business. 

Vincent Nardi, aka Vinny, is a sophomore here on campus and makes homemade pens. He has wooden and stainless steel pens. Vinny is endorsed by the Queen Creek Olive Mill. The Olive Mill lets Vinny use the wood from their trees to make his pens.  

Vinny’s pens sell for $30 depending on the type of material used to make the pen. The wood is more expensive than the steel because it is harder to get a hold of. It is difficult to get because it has to come from the queen creek olive mill and get the wood off of the trees. The steel he just finds at various different places. 

Vinny’s pens are also going to start being sold at the mill. His process is, go to the mill to get the wood for the pen, make the pen or pens, and sell them to his own personal clients. But the pens sold that are going to be sold in the shop are not the only original thing about the Queen Creek Olive Mill. 

The concept of the mill is an original idea as well. You can tour, shop, and eat at the mill. Those things make this place different with not only the food but the experience as well. There are not very many restaurants like the Olive Mill. Along with shopping, you can tour the 100 acre mill as well!  You can enjoy a pizza and some brussel sprouts in a grove under all of the trees. 

If decide you want some items to take home to remember the experience you can make your own olive oil and combine different flavors. The Mill just got a new integrated pour spout to mix all of your olive oils up to make your own. 

Another original thing that not many or no other restaurants do is an olive spa. They have all natural, on-site made bath and body products. In all of the products there is extra virgin olive oil, also known as EVOO. 

Overall, the Queen Creek Olive Mill, Arizona’s only working olive mill, is a fan favorite. With many diverse things to keep a family entertained.