Perry’s best: arts and entertainment

Culinary – Emma Jennings

Senior Emma Jennings is on her way to starting her bright future in the culinary world. There is no doubt she is stepping into this with valuable experience.

Jennings main inspiration for cooking all started when she was a little girl. “ It started from cooking with my mom when I was little” Jennings said.

From freshman to senior year Jennings has taken culinary class. Due to her strong passion with cooking she has chosen to continue this in college. She not only has major support from both her parents but also her culinary teacher. “Mrs. Stutz, the culinary teacher she pushes me when I really don’t wanna do stuff” Jennings expressed.

In everything Jennings has done throughout her high school time she has been able to be apart of outstanding events due to culinary. “Through one of the competition program I actually got to be on food network and help one of the chefs prep all his vegetables” Jennings said. She has also been able to do plenty of catering events through the class. After all her hard work she has been offered an outstanding opportunity for her future.

Emma Jennings has gotten a full ride scholarship to the Institute of Culinary Education in Pasadena. When out of college she is hoping to have her own bakery in LA California with a main draw of getting baked. One of her favorite things to bake currently is cream puffs.

Although it’s been a long journey Jennings has realized that everything she has done has paid off.  “I didn’t really wanna do any of the competitions but I did and now I have a full ride scholarship” Jennings stated.

Jennings does encourage other students to work hard if they are interested in the culinary arts. “Get past culinary one, it’s a lot of book work but it gets a lot better” Jennings said.

Emma Jennings is off to a bright and successful future. All of her efforts during all four years  has been able to increase her knowledge. These efforts have not only allowed her to learn more about the culinary field but it is evident that her passion for the skill has grown throughout her high school journey.

Now that summer is almost here and the final quarter is about to end we wish Emma Jennings good luck and we can not wait to see what else her future brings.

Moveo – Brinley Harris and Paityn Frye

As the final quarter comes to an end, the Moveo dance companies seniors begin to start a new chapter in their lives. Some may continue their dance career and others may not, but for senior Brinley Harris she will be continuing her dance career by attending BYU, studying journalism and possibly minoring in contemporary dance. Harris also has hopes of joining the BYU dance team after auditioning in mid April.

Harris has been on Moveo for years and no doubt shown that dance is what she loves. Her passion sprouted at age three and she has been dancing for 15 years. Harris’s love and passion for the art sprouted when her mom put her in classes, where she sooner or later fell in love with the performing aspect of it all. Thus starting her career in the dance community; after college Harris plans on moving to Los Angeles to continue her dancing and begin to pursue a career being a choreographer. Where she aspires to continue with her passion for dance outside of school.

Harris’s friend senior Paityn Frye will be dancing on the GCU dance team with Moveo alumni Tyra Thompson. Frye tried out for the GCU dance team because she wanted to be apart of something at her college and gain the experience. She also explains that at GCU the dance team is treated very well for it is a ‘big deal’ to the school and is looking forward to starting out her first year in college.

Frye has been on moveo ever since her freshman year and her interest in dance started at the age of three. Frye’s passion for the art of dance is very much like Harris’s. She enjoyed and still enjoys performing, dancing in front of people, and on stage. She explains that it is exciting everytime she performs. In college Frye will be studying and majoring in psychology at GCU to become a therapist. Dance to her will be a part of her life but is now moving to another chapter in her life.

Now as for the dancers that are not graduating, junior Maddie Martineau we all know has a ardor for dance. Shown in the “Good vibes” concert earlier this year, Martineau plans on continuing her dance career after high school. However, she does not plan on attending college right away, but rather moving to Los Angeles and trying to put herself out there in the dance community. For instance, Martineau will be going to LA this summer to figure out her living situation and setting up meetings with people to help guide her into the dance community, getting everything organized before it all starts.

As for now when the summer season rolls around and this year 2019 school year comes to an end, we wish the Moveo seniors good luck and a big farewell from all of us on campus and can only hope for the best for next year’s seniors.

Theatre – Emily Wright

Senior Emily Wright has been very known for her outstanding performances inside and outside of school. Most notably recognized to writing her own senior one act. Ranging from several characters, Wright has been able to weave through life to get to a place where she, the actress, has made her life her stage. She has been able to play several contrasting characters that have been a thrill to see and captures an audience through the art of theatre. Along with being a part of school productions, Wright has also focused on her other passion of American sign language as well and hopes to work in Deaf West Theatre in the future. Where Wright breaks the stereotype of being a loud and crazy theatre student, to only being half and half, enjoying her alone time but also helping around the school. What theatre means to Wright is expression, moving creatively in which Wright does on stage.  

Theatre – Matthew Pitman

Playing the big role of Shrek in this year’s musical, Matthew Pitman has demonstrated exceptional acting as a junior. Pitman has started out theatre from freshmen year to continuing to pursue it through his senior year. Where he has stayed in Perry Theatre Company (PTC) since his sophomore year. He has played several shows most noteworthy as the lead in the school’s spring production as the ogre Shrek, but his favorite role of this year would be playing Patrick O’Reilly from The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. Theatre to him has been his second nature where he found his group of friends. Pitman hopes to continue to be the best for Perry theatre as theatre has been to him.

Theatre – Manuel Edrozo

Procuring several laughs from the audience, junior Manuel Edrozo is the familiar name that an audience will recognize. Edrozo has been a part of theatre for several years, starting from theatre three as a freshman. However, the highlight of this year for Edrozo has been his role Lord Farquaad in Shrek the Musical. It has been a journey for him letting theatre play a big role in his life, where he is looking forward to continuing with PTC next year as a senior. Edrozo will also be in student government next year doing more than just acting. Theatre to him is a way for people to come together and play a story out through several variations. Visually seeing movement whether it be from acting to set design to choreography as a whole.

eSports – Ryan Wagner

Junior Ryan Wagner is one of the three members on Perry’s Rocket League team, who placed second in the fall season sectionals. But with some team adjustments and more experience they have gone undefeated in the newest season.

The team says they win because of their teamwork and combined experience in the game. Wagner is the captain of their team. Wagner earned his spot by getting the highest score on the leaderboard in over half of the seasons games, with his highest scoring game in the season being 800 points.

He was not always this good; like all players who are at his level it took years of hard work to get there. With a total of 1,992 hours in the game he soared up the rankings in the game to hit the highest rank possible, Grand Champion. Being Grand Champion comes as no surprise to find that he is ranked within the top 1,500 players, out of the 250 thousand players globally who are online most of the day.

eSports – Dominic Garcia

Freshman Dominic Garcia is enjoying his first year by participating in the Rainbow Six Siege Xbox eSports league. Being the captain, of the team Garcia led his teammates to victory at the national championship last season. He stands almost undefeated in the games he plays with an average of 2.6 kills every game before he dies. Two-and-a-half people may not seem like a lot, but when there are only 5 enemies on the other team and he eliminates half of them before he gets finished off it seems a little more impressive.

Garcia has grinded out two thousand hours in Rainbow Six Siege since the games release. Although he only started to pour in a lot of his time and effort into it during his last year in middle school.

Garcia and his team have gone this whole season, eight games in total, without losing a single round. Due to his dominance in the regular season he expects to carry over that win streak all the way to the national championship for a second time.

Both teams can be found on

Choir – Joey Yu

Joey Yu is a senior in jazz and concert choir, and is one of the officers for jazz choir. The choirs he currently performs for are labeled as one of the top, most advanced choir courses offered on campus.

Throughout his life, he has been singing for as long as he could remember, and has been in and out of choir since fourth grade. He grew up watching Disney movies and singing along to the soundtrack, which ignited his interest in singing in an organized choir.

After graduation, he plans on studying at Arizona State University and majoring in music education.

Band – Vanessa Chang

Senior oboist Vanessa Chang is a dedicated member of symphonic band. With hours upon hours of practice, technical work with scales and notes, and help from a private teacher, Chang has auditioned and played for the High School All-State Band since freshman year. Additionally, Chang performs for the Phoenix Youth Symphony alternating between first and second chair oboist.

Her musical legacy began at age five when she began playing piano, and then progressed when she was twelve when she picked up the oboe. She originally began playing to try something new, and then came to fall in love with playing the oboe.

In the future, she plans on majoring in computer science, but wants to keep music apart of her life forever.

Band – Elizabeth Leung

Senior clarinetist and two-year High School All-State player Elizabeth Leung is a well-rounded, talented player. Her journey of playing the clarinet began in fifth grade when her parents encouraged her join band. Eventually, she grew to love playing the clarinet, and has been in symphonic band since sophomore year.

Now, she participates in the Perry Marching Band, and is a section leader for the wind section. Additionally, she is apart of the high school leadership team at Arizona State University. In that program, she helps children learn how to play instruments in order to ignite their own passion in music.

After graduation, she plans to major in animation, minor in music, and participate in a college-level marching band.

Choir – Kaitlyn Dupuis

Senior Kaitlyn Dupuis is another officer for jazz choir who also sings for concert choir. She first joined an organized choir in middle school, and has been singing ever-since.

Beginning freshman year, she has participated in each choir on campus excluding intermediate womens’ choir. After graduation, she plans to go on a religious mission, but is unsure on what college she wants to attend.

However, she would love to pursue a career in music education and eventually become a choir teacher. Two years ago, Perry choirs won several different awards, and director Jameson Staley’s gratitude and pride in his choirs is what lead her to strive to become a choir teacher.

Choir – Janet Thampy

Sophomore Janet Thampy is an officer and singer in advanced womens’ choir. As a freshman, she succeeded in auditioning for womens’ choir and challenged herself to join advanced women’s choir this year.

She first sang in choir in third grade, and her love for singing only increased from then on. She is an all-honors and AP class student apart of the STEM program as well. For the future, she plans to achieve a degree in psychology and attend law school after graduating.

However, she plans to keep music apart of her life forever. This year, the advanced women’s choir traveled to Disney and won a first place award at the festival.

Fashion – Sirena Barba

There is always that one friend that comes to school looking like someone that walked straight off the cover of Teen Vogue. Well when it comes to fashion there should be no doubt that one of the people in mind would be junior Sirena Barba.

With her unique taste in fashion, ranging from street to casual styles, she has no trouble standing out in the best of ways. Clothes are not just a necessity, they are a way of reflecting mood, or a persons personality. Barba is able to easily pull off any look. Not only does she have amazing, daring and intriguing outfits but she has the personality to match. Students know Sirena for her will to always speak up in what she believes in, and her undeniable sass.

Being one of a kind is difficult but everyday she never fails to aim to portray individuality even in the hallways. For many fashion is a difficult concept but when she gets an idea you can count on it coming to life.

Yes, fitting in is good, but people usually are drawn to the person that stands out. Her unique way of wearing specific clothing, and her matching make-up draws in many people. Being bold and daring to try something new should be encouraged when it comes to style. With her unpredictable aesthetic she is definitely someone to keep an eye on when it comes to fashion.

Fashion – Maggie Feng

When on a shopping trip one person to bring along would be Maggie Feng. She is someone who is able to take different fashion pieces and combine them into something amazingly fashionable. Feng style is as extra as they come.

When it comes to Feng there is no better way of describing her than an edgy California-girl style. She manages to exude buckets of personality through her styling and accessorizing. The one thing Feng will always have on is jewelry, whether that be earrings or a necklace, it brings all her outfits together. Her taste in vintage style has grown to be one of her biggest separator when it comes to fashion, mostly because she knows not many people are gonna be wearing the same thing she is.

It is always important to express ourselves in our own unique way. Feng spends countless hours performing at DC2 dance studio, which she believes has helped her become her own person. It also helped her learn how to be confident and be proud.The things that differentiate us from the monotone crowd is our individuality.

Photography – Annie Brown

Annie Brown is a senior graduating this year who has been an indispensable photographer to Perry High in every regard. Browns photos can be seen through every newspaper she had an undeniable impact in the photos that you have viewed. Annie Brown started her photography career her Junior year, being brought towards photography through her love of capturing a fraction of a moment. Beginning with film photography and loving it, she soon changed to commercial photography which she found to be her true passion. She brought forth the highest amount of photos of absolutely every photographer for the school newspaper the year of 2018-2019. From sports photography to photography of the arts departments, she has taken photos of all the likes.

Photography – Everett Malloy

Everett Malloy is a photographer who has only been with the trade since his sophomore year. But who quickly found a deep love for the art form and went on to work specifically in the form of film photography. Referring to it as a more intimate and personal photography experience, what he has done for the perry photography department will be found for years. Malloy single-handedly created the first color darkroom for processing film photography in the history of the CUSD district. This is something that has had an undeniable impact upon the photography program. Also competing in the district art show and winning the first place awards for darkroom photography section 2 years in a row. After high school Everett Malloy plans to go to ASU majoring in photography and minoring in business, then planning on getting his masters in photography from another degree program, with an end goal of becoming a professor of film.

Drawing – Loralli Johnson

Senior Loralli Johnson takes this year’s spot for best in drawing.  

Johnson won first place in the drawing category of the district art show for a self-portrait solely made with ballpoint pens.

Johnson admitted that at first she thought she bit off more than she could chew when she decided to use colored ballpoint pens. However it was clearly worth all the time and effort in the end.  

Although sometimes a source of frustration, drawing is something that has brought her a lot of joy for as long as she could remember.

Despite not planning to pursue art as a full-on career, Johnson is still passionate about it and wants it to always be a part of her life, and has said, “Regardless of what career I end up in, I’ll sell work in a coffee shop, or I’ll put up an Etsy shop or I’ll still do commission artwork.”

Sculpture – Ryleigh Wheeler

Being recognized for this 2018-19 school year for sculpture is no other than sophomore Ryleigh Wheeler, an art savvy student who has taken the Perry art scene by storm.

Wheeler won Best of Show in the CUSD high school art show with her entry “Inside emotions” a concentration piece that expresses her struggle with dyslexia.

The piece was described as “A tornado of debris forms from the exposed brain, and in it are letters swirling all around the figure’s head. The eyes are painted with swirls to further the metaphor of how dizzying dyslexia can feel,” by Mrs. Biemond the fine arts department chair.

Wheeler has always been interested in art, and although she sees more of a future in 2D art, she decided to try out sculpture her freshman year.

Compared to other art mediums, Wheeler believes sculpture is an easier medium to express herself in since sculpture projects allow for more freedom. Unlike other art classes, sculpture projects have less rules and are more spontaneous.

As an aspiring animator Wheeler will continue her art endeavors in East Valley Institute of Technology’s animation program as well as venturing into AP-3D design next school year