Best of physical creation and sculpting

Loralli Johnson

Senior Loralli Johnson takes this year’s spot for best in drawing.  

Johnson won first place in the drawing category of the district art show for a self-portrait solely made with ballpoint pens.

Johnson admitted that at first she thought she bit off more than she could chew when she decided to use colored ballpoint pens. However it was clearly worth all the time and effort in the end.  

Although sometimes a source of frustration, drawing is something that has brought her a lot of joy for as long as she could remember.

Despite not planning to pursue art as a full-on career, Johnson is still passionate about it and wants it to always be a part of her life, and has said, “Regardless of what career I end up in, I’ll sell work in a coffee shop, or I’ll put up an Etsy shop or I’ll still do commission artwork.”

Ryleigh Wheeler

Being recognized for this 2018-19 school year for sculpture is no other than sophomore Ryleigh Wheeler, an art savvy student who has taken the Perry art scene by storm.

Wheeler won Best of Show in the CUSD high school art show with her entry “Inside emotions” a concentration piece that expresses her struggle with dyslexia.

The piece was described as “A tornado of debris forms from the exposed brain, and in it are letters swirling all around the figure’s head. The eyes are painted with swirls to further the metaphor of how dizzying dyslexia can feel,” by Mrs. Biemond the fine arts department chair.

Wheeler has always been interested in art, and although she sees more of a future in 2D art, she decided to try out sculpture her freshman year.

Compared to other art mediums, Wheeler believes sculpture is an easier medium to express herself in since sculpture projects allow for more freedom. Unlike other art classes, sculpture projects have less rules and are more spontaneous.

As an aspiring animator Wheeler will continue her art endeavors in East Valley Institute of Technology’s animation program as well as venturing into AP-3D design next school year