Kenny Molash: Turning a hobby into a career

Junior at Perry taking his future into his own hands.


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Making a hobby into career is something many students hope to achieve in their lifetime, doing so takes lots of effort and dedication. That is exactly why some students have taken that initiative to turn their creativity into something unique. Junior Kenny Molash is a videographer attending Perry High, with over 300 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Kenny creates content for everyone to enjoy.

Molash walks us through his process on how his videos are created from start to finish. Kenny claims all his videos start out with a simple idea: “depending on if it’s a short easy video or like a long super edited video. I’ll do all the planning, figure out everything I want to do, how I want it to look. I’ll have it pretty much all visualized in my head so when I go and shoot it I know everything that I want to do. Sometimes I’ll have notes written down on my phone. I usually always overshoot too, it’s never a bad thing to have extra footage. Then I’ll go home put it all on my computer, edit it all through that’ll take me whatever a day or week. Get it finished then put it on YouTube or my social media and show all my friends.”

Kenny has been filming videos since freshman year after he took a beginner’s class where he learned some techniques but is primarily self-taught with some additional assistance from the internet when needed.

With some very impressive editing techniques shown in his videos like “My year 2018” and “Hunnid bands” which are stated to be some of his favorite creations due to the especially hard work put into them.

“Hunnid Bands”, a music video shooting another student on campus “Polar Mabii” or Jack Houghton is one of Molash’s more edited videos. “He wanted me to have a bunch of crazy effects and all that in it so editing it took me on and off a few weeks to finish.”

The hard work seems to tend to pay off as Molash states that his favorite parts of making his videos “Has to be posting it, showing everybody and having people comment or text me about it… So, the very last part of just getting it up.”

Kenny’s career in videography is just getting started as he hopes to make a future out of it in his next stage of life. “I hope to make music videos, or videos for businesses and probably go to college for digital stuff.”

Make sure to check out Kenny’s videos on YouTube channel “KennyM”.

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